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Does anyone know of a good solar panel manufacturer whose product is available here in France.?


I’ll try to answer my own questiion since there does not appear to be much interest on this forum in solar power.

Tesla may have its new integrated solar roofs with glass roof tiles available in Europe next year. Four styles of glass roof tiles are manufactured that look like regular roof tiles and not like a big ugly solar array.

A rough estimate for my roof is thirty thousand euros for the actual tiles but Tesla is including removing the old roof, installation and a life warranty, which if the same offer is made available here in the south of France might make it an attractive option since enough power will easily be generated to run everything.

where are you getting your rough estimate from ??

I’ve read about Tesla’s tiles before but it seems very expensive. It’s a far more attractive roof compared to the panels available now though. Who knows, if it becomes popular prices will fall, and in the future it could be a viable solution for some people.

225€ per sqm: $22 per sqf. Generous forex allowance for $US in 2018. My roof is 130-140sqm.

Sorry, I had included my roof size is my original post but removed it and simplified when no one responded to my request for info.

As far as I am aware the issue with solar energy in France is that there is no buy-back for electricity fed into the grid - which means that financially the pay back is significantly longer.

If I am wrong please correct me as it is the perfect place for solar.


Ah… you’re using US info… have you contacted TESLA and asked them about their stuff in France… ???

The numbers might work in my situation without needing to sell back to EDF etc, which doesn’t appear to be possible at the moment.

If the future of energy in France shifts from nuclear, utility costs could soar so solar with a life-time guaranty might prove an attractive alternative.

Tesla has not said that it will be in the Europe market but merely that it is positioning to start selling globally in 2018. This is a very new product.

I imagine Beijing would quickly move in with subsidies to manufacture similar products to keep China’s position as the world’s top solar power producer. However, Tesla is rewarding early-adopters with a lot of extras that competitors may not.

As Mat has said, perfect place for solar. The key is…competition.

Tesla tiles are not a very new product, they’ve been known about, even in the backwaters of Europe, for a few years. There is a lot of solar in my area but more on agricultural buildings than private homes.

Hi, I’m very interested inthis topic, and have been following it. I’ve not seen anyone mention EDF’s solar intitiative. At this web page:

I wish I had more to offer, but it does seem like you can request personal assessment of solar needs; there does seem to be an initiative and some implementation of solar into the double-digits across France…

I hope, if folks follow up, you might tell of any experiences with looking into this.

This has been covered already I think… under Property and Home: subtitle “EDF and Utilities” …

Quite a long discussion around January…and throughout 2015 as well…

Hi to comment on a few questions re solar power - things have recently changed and autoconsommation or self use is being promoted as the next way forward for solar. There is now a choice;

  • total autoconsommation of the power you generate - you reduce your bills - every unit of electricity you produce you don’t pay the add on tax, charges etc etc. and you can add on kit like Immersun which diverts any energy not used to a hot water immersion to start heating water (basically so you don’t give it to EDF for free!)
  • autoconsommation plus tarif buy back at 10c/KWh - so you use the electricity yourself but sell back what is not used
  • totally sell back all of the energy - tarif 18.70c/KWh if your installation is on roof or ground mounted for example (this is new) or you get a prime f an additional 4.5cKWh if you integrate the panels
    There are pros and cons for all of the above - there is evidence that the integrated systems run hotter and therefore less efficiently than on roof which would negate the extra payment. also with tarif buy back you need contracts with EDF.
    Small autoconsomation systems with Immersun should start at around 7-8K. If you have a pool makes total sense. Higher rated panels now available mean system sizes have reduced. I think in 20yrs or so everyone will be doing this as bills just keep going up.
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forgot to mention that there are also some tax credits for autoconsommation - 400 euros per KW for a system up to 3KW - paid over 5 years I think - this came in a week or so ago I think - it might be for systems installed next yr - need to do some more digging. Only RGE installers can get this for you and there is the ??? RGE costs money to get so those companies tend to be more expensive so negating the effect :disappointed_relieved:

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LIndsey thanks. This is the information I needed. It does look like nuclear may be dialed down and perhaps solar can be an impetus for filling the gap from nuclear. Would like to know your thoughts on this, if you have time.

At any rate, so fantastic to get your responses.

I’m just learning so not familiar with RGE but I’m sensing the RGE installers are registered or vetted or official installers under government or EDF auspices… If you can explain, great but I will keep doing research too. Hate to burden you further. Thanks again.

Hi Mary…this site explains RGE … and a lot more besides… plus it has a Directory so you can find/check for a RGE company/artisan

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This is sort of a ‘note to self’ and is actually about ground solar; but I finally found an actual example of an installed system within a home in France. I found a home for sale, that included a pic of its solar system, a German-based system called Pelletti II and looks like a France company called Trybo installs these. The link to the home for sale as of 20171010 (probably only temporary until the house gets bought by someone and will be deleted from the website once that happens):,2232,2234,2240,2247&idtt=2&idtypebien=2,9&idtypechauffage=256&LISTING-LISTpg=3&naturebien=1&tri=a_px

@Lindsey, why if you have a pool does it make total sense please?

Cost of keeping the pump running and heating is my educated guess.

Just one thing…

Following the problems suffered locally, concerning photovoltaique/solar panels etc etc…

I would advise anyone to make sure that they fully understand every word of any Agreement or document they are asked to sign… before they put pen to paper.

A vague understanding is simply not enough… and a translation made by the Salesman (or any other interested party) is not good enough either…

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