Roofer looking for work

Hi I am a fully qualified roofer with over 15 years experience in all aspects of roofing looking for any type of work that may be available thanks currently in Wavrin north France but willing to travel

What’s your immigration/visa status?

Currently in Wavrin I have full British passport currently sailing the canals I’ve sailed from the uk but cash flow is problem at the minute so I am seeking any work I can find kind regards.

The problem is you may not be legally allowed to work in France. If that is the case, anyone employing you is committing an offence.


Yeah that’s a problem not sure how to get round that one maybe some cash in hand work would be good or voluntary :thinking:

I’m not sure that effectively offering to work “on the black” in a public forum is a great idea.

As Véro says, post Brexit you do not have the right to work in France without the correct visa - indeed you don’t have the right to reside in France, other than as a tourist, for more than 90 days.

Before seeking work, you need to sort out your status.

How long have you been in France?


I’m well aware the “90” days and my finances were absolutely fine until I lost alot of money through an online scam.

But thanks for your insight towards resolving my situation is highly appreciated regards.

I’m pretty sure some voluntary work is absolutely fine in replace for food😊

You might be best advised to make contact with French authorities re the online scam which has lost you your money.

There is help available.
but, please, don’t undertake any work in France… paid or not… you don’t have the Insurance in place to cover you/your work… nor do you have the visa for work… you are a tourist.


If you are stuck, without anywhere to stay, I may be able to help

Thinking more on your situation… I really do suggest you contact the authorities and get youself sailing back to UK without delay.

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I do make a little income online so it’s not too bad and currently in the process of getting work visa shouldn’t be long thanks

Really would suggest you report to the Authorities and regularize your situation without delay.

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You need insurance for your trade, to be registered with the Chambre de Métiers, affiliated to URSSAF and to have a Siret No before you can legally work for customers . All it takes is one accident or damage and you will be behind bars as working on the black without all the compulsory registrations is illegal and people will report you too! Sorry but OH was a legal business in France and paid in thousands each year to be legal and I do not support anyone just working a bit here and there for cash inhand because it is not fair to take work from the bone-fide.


I can only re-iterate Stella’s advice. If you are truly down on your luck there is limited help available from the Consulate to get you back home and if you have been scammed online by someone that you think is based in the UK or Europe you should report that to the authorities as well(though, obviously, online scams very frequently originate in places that make it hard to reach the scammers).

Sorry to be the wasp in the jam again but what about tax? Heath insurance? If you are in France when you do your online work then you are liable for tax etc in France.
If you do building work, even once you get a work visa, you have to be registered and insured.


Does he need to be registered as a company to work as a temp .It seems to me like a guy looking for temporary work to pass over a difficult moment.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be finding any work here then thanks for all the kind advice :pray::blush:

It may sound as if people are not being helpful, but for those of us with a carte de séjour one of the few reasons for it being cancelled is using illegal foreign workers or employing an illegal foreign tradesman.

Sounds unlikely that one would be discovered? No, all it needs is a nosey neighbour to chat to people a bit too much.

So there is a massive amount of caution. Sorry!

There is one organisation that may be able to help you. Charity specifically to help British citizens in France.


I’m looking for someone to do some roofing work, but I wouldn’t want to employ someone who has no insurance. And however skilled you are, roofing is still dangerous work.

Broken arm, broken leg?

As others have said. If you are in northern France and you are willing and able to travel, you really do need to be travelling back UK-wards. Then you can do some work in the UK and head back if you want.
You risk turning an unfortunate situation into a serious nightmare if you stay in France, work on the black and end up with the various authorities, immigration, social security, tax etc on your case. As you have seen on here, the knee jerk question people in France ask when they hear about a Brit offering to do roofing work is, Is that man legit? And it is very easy for anybody who is interested to check.

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