Rugby World Cup 2019

Will anybody else be following ?
I’ll try and catch the matches but it’s difficult with the time difference.

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Oh Yes I’ll be watching as many as possible, It should be the best World Cup yet England%20Rose


Set the TV tuner to record all of the matches showing on itv, watched 2nd half of Aussie match this morning and most of Boks/Blacks this afternoon. Recorded French match, but not yet watched. Life is good!

Alex let me know when you have seen the French match, as I want to ask you something

If you’re in France all the games are televised on TF1 & on internet My TF1 reply if you want to catch a match you missed. Some Good rugby so far.

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I’ll be watching as many as I’m around to see on TF1 with my neighbour who’s a true fan and his enthusiasm is infectious. He’s also a live-alone widower and it’s a bit wretched to watch a match without a mate to share it with.

Most of the games are early morning be very careful in your neck of Normandie as you may well find a drop or two of vintage Calvados in your coffee during the half time breakfast with your neighbour. Enjoy :blush:

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Not a widower (thankfully) but watching alone as OH is in UK until early October.
More enjoyable with company.

He just got back from the chasse and there’s been a steady drizzle all morning. He bagged nowt, mauvaise chasse. Now he’s going to prepare his lunch. Always on the dot at noon.

He drinks little, 30 ml of Ricard rarely, a drop of calva from a strange bottle that belonged to his belle-mère, long deceased.

The bottle contains a trapped wooden fisherman, dressed in rough clothing and wearing little boots, complete with rod, line and a fish on a hook. The calva comes from a local farmer in unlabelled bottles, decanted into the old fisher-in-a-bottle as a kind of memorial rite, I reckon. :hugs:

Hi Ann, what’s your question ?

What caused the bun fight at the end of the French match ?

LOL, I skipped/fast-forwarded over that bit, so can’t help you there, I’m afraid ! From what I did watch in normal motion speed, it seems like there was a little bit of riling going on in the second half, which I presume kind of spilled over. I was surprised that there were actually very few scuffles between the two teams, as they generally tend to heat up pretty easily. Maybe one high tackle too many ? My overall impression was that the French were really lucky to get away with the score they got, and of course, Argentina’s kicking weakness in the second half at that crucial penalty kick didn’t help. Will be interesting to see how that group pans out for the rest of the tournament. The French were basically absent in the second half, and that must be of some concern for the coach.

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With the 1/4 finals coming up:

Hoping for some good sport this weekend, hope you all enjoy the games. Come on England !!!

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For those who missed the games here are the highlights for Eng v Aus & Wal v Fra.
Hoping to see both Eng & Wal at the final

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Well here we go… Tomorrow England are in the semi-final v New Zealand for here are a few warm up vids for you night owls or early risers.
First the previews of the teams…

Here are a couple of highlights of games we won, yes a few years ago but hopefully we can add another for history of English rugby.

Good luck & come on England.

Is anyone old enough to recall the incident I will describe…

fabulous rugby match… exciting play… then suddenly a young Tongan grabs the ball and runs almost the entire length of the pitch… tossing his adversaries aside as if swatting flies… touches down to the roars of the crowd.

Must have been in the 60’s as I am sure Queen Salote was still alive…

in subsequent matches the poor Tongan was targeted mercilessly by the defenders and I think he might well have been injured… memory fails me on that score…

got it going in the background… :relaxed:

In the foreground here :football::football::football:

They are American footballs not rugby balls - USA taking over the world!

Same shape though​:rugby_football::rugby_football: