Russell Brand

I’m only sad that I didn’t know they existed, so that I could have deliberately ignored them. :roll_eyes:

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OTOH, this guy has a mere half a million or so subscribers, but his videos are a wonderful antidote to so much that’s on Utube - it’s a sort of beautifully produced Zen DIY, very tranquil and calming (although how anyone can do DIY without swearing is beyond my comprehension…)

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And the content’s 3 hours long, and that many views - astounding. Very encouraging to start a youtube channel :grin:

Oh not seen that channel before. Thanks for sharing.

Have you seen the one with the British guy who’s bought a fire-damaged château in France and is renovating it pretty much singlehandedly? It’s quite relaxing too.

I 've been binge watching Dan.
Frankly I’m amazed how he can lift and carry heavy wood and steel beams up multiple levels.
I recently saw an analysis of his YouTube views etc.

His monthly revenue from YouTube is around 24,000 euros.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I went to check it out, but unfortunately didn’t actually get as far as any restoration because I found the the guy’s presentation style totally irritating. Particularly after Martijn Doolaard’s ultra low key approach in his videos

Hate all this super-enthusiastic gesturing with both arms - there’s a young Australian woman on France 24 who’s even more irritating in this respect, For some reason (possibly ‘differently abled’) she also apparently needs to lean backwards against a wall in order to speak.

And - rant on Mark - there’s no longer just a single generation of presenters doing it, It’s spreading and I wonder if older presenters are being instructed to wave both hands about in order to hold the attention of younger viewers .

Yet another social malaise to blame on rap music!

Parodied to perfection by Mitchell & Webb:



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I didnt watch too much of Martijin’s video but the camera work and general photography was excellent, did he get around to actually doing any real work?

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I’m surprised how much he achieves despite setting up cameras, filming and editing I presume that because he’s a professional photographer, the setting up is not that time consuming.

The guy’s astonishing - he’s a good carpenter, mason, electrician etc etc’ I’ve just watched an episode where he’s making traditional Tyrolean guttering from half-tree trunks (I learnt a few hacks). The gutters looked fantastic but then he attached the drainpipes - I was expecting galvanised metal but the pipes and fittings were all made of copper.

The link I gave was to a edited compilation of the first year’s videos - he makes one or two a week and they’re lovely to dip into. They also inspire one to work a bit harder…

Which is where I must stop, because this morning’s for putting the finishing touches to my spiral staircase

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Std in the Alps, I noticed when ski-ing

Having a quick look through the replies, there would seem to be a general misunderstanding with regard to Russell Brand and what is happening in the Press. You have to think, Julian Assange…remember? Look what happened to him. Look at how ‘they’ went after him. Watching RB’s recent programmes on YouTube might prove to be enlightening. One could sneer at Private Eye… or have a laugh but ignoring the contents is a shame.

:face_with_peeking_eye: Enlightening is not a word I would use for them :wink:

It seemed to me that they were two men who misused their influence over women and ended up in hot water. Though, in Assange’s case, I imagine there was general rejoicing among Western governments (did he ever release anything relating to China?).

I couldn’t bear to watch Russell Brand. Would you like to summarise his recent output?


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So you have watched them?

I have seen enough to justify my reaction…

Seems to me as you said …,

Yes I have watch quite a few, more than enough :roll_eyes:

I saw the video he originally uploaded to YouTube prior to the Dispatches show airing. I then watched the Dispatches episode… I’d not have watched it otherwise as I don’t tune in to UK TV much these days.

I’ve just noticed that he’s uploaded another YT video… I’ve managed about 20 seconds so far and am already rolling my eyes at it. He claims the UK government is telling “Big Tech™” to censor his videos. In reality, he’s been de-monetised not censored. His latest video, along with all his other videos, is available for anyone to watch on YouTube, so I find it funny that he is using a Big Tech™ platform to tell people he’s being censored by those very same platforms :man_facepalming:

Edit: Oh Christ Almighty… I’m up to 34 seconds now and he’s talking about the UK’s Online Safety Bill. Now, I have plenty of issues with the OSB, but it’s got nothing to do with Russell Brand’s alleged censorship. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make it to the end of this video without alcohol!

Edit 2: I don’t think Dr Mark H will enjoy all the gesticulating Brand is doing either :rofl:

Edit 3: And here comes all the conspiracy theory bullshit… followed unsurprisingly by him asking for financial support.