Ryanair (again!)

Cannot believe that Ryanair have changed their booking/baggage policy yet again!
Now you have the cheapest option of carrying on board a small piece of hand luggage (Handbag, briefcase/laptop etc) or next step up is priority boarding, reserved seat, 2 pieces of hand luggage and a suitcase in the hold weighing 20 kg at a huge increase in the basic fare.
Just booked for my wife who is unable to cope with the steps and overhead lockers with 10kg cabin baggage , so she has to pay for all the extra including 20 kg suitcase which she does’nt need. Ridiculous?

John, for future bookings, please note there is another option allowing you to bring a 10kg bag which must be dropped off at the check-in desk. This bag is then collected at the baggage carousel in your arrival airport.
Cost approx. 10 euros each way.

I always pay for a 10kg bag for the hold usually €12.00 , no need to pay for a 20kg.
Also the baggage policy changed last November I think.
IMO the flights are usually cheap so it’s worth it for me.
If you’ve booked fairly last minute that may explain the 20 kg bag.

Ryanair flights are costing you about 15p a mile. It’s a low cost airline, so what do you expect?

If you want comfort and space have you thought about taking the train…


or hiring your own business jet :small_airplane:

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Do you think people would pay more…for a better service?

Interestingly Darren, there was an article I read some little while ago which suggested that a group of people hiring a business jet together might actually work out cheaper than the squeezy jet/cattle air alternatives. Factor in also the fact that you could schedule the business jet to land at a smaller municipal airport nearer to home than the ‘big’ ones like Stansted et al and there could be further savings to be had with onward travel costs.

The thing is …it is cheap and for some that’s the draw. Fair enough. So even if you factor in all the add-ons and silliness it’s still a bargain.

But for some who would prefer to pay more for a better service, they are restricted to budget airlines because they ONLY fly to Beziers or Perpignan et al.

Well, not strictly true I could fly to Paris first I guess…but you get my point.

I would prefer to take the TGV BUT the Paris transfer is a fag and the cost…phew, so much more expensive than flying…

So I think I’ll suck up the bad service and stop posting about it. Soz

Some say that it is better to carry on to (or change) at Lille which saves the dash across Paris. Not sure how the costs work out though - being France, its probably about the same cost.

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I wish there was Sarah. Booked a flight for my wife last night. Only options were as previously stated.

I a no winging about Ryanair flights. I have always defended them. Just the constant changes in baggage policy!

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Well, unless my wife and I missed something. Last night on booking there was no option for the 10 kg drop off as before. This must be very recent as we flew to Venice in March under the old system.

I have always been a fan of Ryanair and am not criticising their competitiveness, Just the constant changes to baggage policy which confuses the public!

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I always check the Lille option, but so far it has been too expensive even taking into account a taxi across to Gard du Nord!

This is not the point. Its the confusing baggage policy which keeps changing.

Not something I’ve any experience of but a very quick Google suggests roughly £1000 per person Luton-Paris return (and £3k pp Luton-Nice return).

Which doesn’t look cheaper than much - maybe cheaper and/or more flexible than regular business or 1st class but definitely not cheaper than Ryanair :slight_smile:

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didn’t suggest for one moment that anything was cheaper than cattle class Paul :wink:

I think they only allow a limited number of tickets with the 10kg cabin bag so when you booked perhaps they were sold out.

I think you probably missed the 10kg hold bag. Ryanair price according to demand. If priority has run out they can up the price of hold.