Ryanair cuts Scottish Flights 2024

The airline has withdrawn the routes from Edinburgh to Carcassone, Nîmes and Poitiers in France and Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Turin in Italy, and Glasgow Prestwick to Marseille in France. A spokesman for Ryanair told The Herald the move comes after a review of seasonal routes.

I wondered why my wife couldn’t get a flight from Poitiers to Edinburgh for a funeral, she is having to go from Paris, I thought it was because they stopped for the winter.
Weird decision as it has always been a very busy flight, bit of a pain for us as well :angry::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Damn. We were thinking of using the Carcassonne Edinburgh flight either later this year or next year. Will have to rethink that now.

if Ryanair is using the phrase “seasonal routes” that suggests the cuts are only for “the season”… ???

but it seems NOT… ah well… if it wasn’t profitable, if there weren’t enough passengers… it makes sense. :frowning:

I think it’s more likely that it’s O’Leary is wanting more money from Poitiers airport, it’s happening before and he is in dispute with Dublin Airport as well at the moment cancelling routes from there as well, despicable human being so he is.

Meanwhile, can anyone put together suitable alternative airlines… for SF folk who might want to be flying to those “now forbidden” places … :wink:

On a brighter note the Rosyth to Dunkirk ferry looks to be back on track again :sunglasses:


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When I went to Edinburgh last September (22) I had to fly from Paris beauvais! 5 hours each way :rage:

How about RyanAir to London, London to Edinburgh… ???
Any Good ???

Only thing that would worry me on that is if there is a delay to a connecting flight.

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I used to do the Tours to Stansted, Stansted to Edinburgh or Glasgow, connecting flight times can be at times 4-5 hours apart and I hate Stansted airport :wink::yum:

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Ryanair or [insert any other low-cost operator here] are all about profit & not about service. I don’t have an issue with that principle (a business has to make money) but when that is the sole objective any such business will end up making purely spreadsheet based decisions.

Going back 20 years or so I was always worried for people who made French property buying decisions based on there always being a low-cost flight to/from the UK, especially those who did a weekly commute. In more recent times brexit & then the Covid shutdowns have well & truly nobbled the low-cost carriers, & inconvenienced many people.

This kind of cancellation always brings my mind around to the continual conversations about the perceived high cost of Brittany Ferries. The reason that you can still get convenient crossings from a good spread of ports at all times of year is that they charge enough (OK, & they get government subsidies too). I’ve almost lost count of all the other ferry operators & routes that have come & gone over the years.

I suppose the moral is that if something is cheap, there’s a reason (or “there’s no such thing as free lunch”).

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A lot of O’Leary’s decisions are not spreadsheet based decisions, he has cut profitable routes before because he wants to hold an airport/operator to ransom or it’s taken his hump, he really is a slime ball.
He has done this with Poitiers before because he wasn’t getting his way.

You make a very good point - relying on the likes of Ryanair to continue a service is unwise indeed.

On the other hand, DFDS seem to make it work on the Newhaven-Dieppe route for almost half the price that Brittany Ferries charge for Portsmouth-Caen, and offer a 20% senior citizens discount on top. Granted it’s a slightly shorter crossing, and no doubt the port fees at Newhaven and Dieppe are lower, but I still think BF are chortling all the way to the bank… :slight_smile:

Yes, they have made a go of that route, albeit with older ships.

My views are somewhat biased by the fact that the ports of Cherbourg, Ouistreham & St Malo are all more convenient for me than Dieppe, as are Portsmouth or Poole as arrival ports. However, I’m not alone in that.

Ah, you strange Western people… :smiley: :smiley: It’s a fair point - if you cut out a few hours’ driving that may be worth the extra ferry fare.

Where I am (Guildford Surrey) it’s a similar distance/time to Portsmouth or Newhaven, and both are closer to me than the Chunnel (unless I’m heading for NE France or Belgium of course).

Isn’t that what business is about? You maximise your profits while providing a service that people want. I don’t think O’Leary would be on my Christmas card list but I have used his cheap flights before and will probably do so again.

Smiling certainly - though they have been hit by reduced traffic they still managed €22.6 million of profit in 2022 (compared with €8 million in 2018).

I must admit with extra distance, petrol and toll fees Newhaven-Dieppe is very much what you gain on the swings you loose on the roundabouts compared with Portsmouth-Caen as far as I’m concerned.


It is reported (see link) that the Dieppe-Newhaven route is subsidised (principally by Rouen, Dieppe and Seine Maritime) to the tune of €25-27m pa, with about 340,000 passengers pa (pre Covid). It is estimated that the economic benefits yield about €100m a year to various sectors of the local economy. Apparently the Normandie regional council refuses to contribute to the subsidies…

I am constantly amused by those who comment/complain of the profits made by travel operators be it land sea or air.
They are not charities and are providing a service where there is a demand and if that demand doesn’t make a profit then why provide it.