S1 at UK Retirement Age

In March I shall be 65 (and UK retirement age - unless Ian Dipstick Smith sneaks in another change!).

At what stage can I expect the DWP to provide an S1? Is it automatic or do I have to trigger it with them?

1.Private insurance until you meet criteria to be accepted by CPAM

2. Keep on at CPAM until they accept OR refuse your application.

3. Return to UK and become their problem once more.

I’d like to ask this: husband chose to retire early he’s 61, I’d intended to seek work as only 54, but after car accident I’m delayed in this. Neither entitled to S1 (since07/2014) but each time I/we go to cpam they ask for more documents! Newcastle tell me E 106/109 are new S1s! sadly we are going round in circles and I’m left paying in full with no reimbursement (until advocate decides I’m as good as I can get to claim off of the man’s insurance who caused accident) Can anyone guide me as to what perhaps we should have. Received letter basically saying no longer UK’s “problem”…

I still have my original from year 2008, as long as they see the Original perhaps, I have always found photocopies to be accepted with no problems. After all you are the legal owner of the Documents.

Also in Uk, married English women are the legal owners of the Marriage Certificate - because they changed their maiden name to a married one. The men didn’t, a certified copy just proves they are married!
THATS is why MARRIAGE AND BIRTH certificates here are relevant for the women, not as much the men!

How many knew that!

The proof of residency (ie permanent residence in France) used to be that you provided CPAM with 5 years of your impot declarations to prove you reside and pay tax here. Knowing the French I suspect that would be the same even now. I suppose we all all have to wait and see when someone attempts it.

Pauline, stable and regular probably means permanent! I had to jump through hoops, after moving from Herault to Mayenne then Sarthe Depts. all in space of 5 months.

Given it takes longer than that with most fonctionnaires In Gov depts, to proccess paperwork and info, i didn’t even bother in the Mayenne after car accident left me isolated, so then another move and health took over.

Fortunately the French (sorry Vero!) as individuals are very understanding in extreme conditions and I got so much help here in the Sarthe, via my Social Worker from Caf with all necessary depts and paperwork it was great! All departments and paperwork was processed quickly for me!

As I said above “permanent” or a hell of a long time, is probably what it all means.

Thanks for that Dick.

Graham, when you get it make 2 photocopies as CPAM have a habit of 'mislaying' it. You only get it once your state retirement pension is paid, money in hand - not deferred. A younger spouse can be added - talk to Newcastle about it and when your younger spouse gets their state pension, they too should get an S1. That will ensure that when one of you falls off the perch the other remains covered and doesn't have to go through the bureaucratic nightmare again. Bonne courage!

In following Clare's link, it looks like any adult working or residing in France "in a stable and regular manner" will be entitled to la protection universelle maladie. You will no longer be asked to provide justifications regularly (as people have mentioned that they have been required to do annually, though we haven't). If you are presently an "ayant droit" you can stay as you are, or apply for a carte vitale in your own right, in which case you can get your reimbursements into your own bank account, you will have your own Ameli sign-on, and you have more privacy. With or without an S1.

What "a stable and regular manner" means is not stated. There are to be new ways of checking residence/work status (not as yet specified). There will have to be new CPAM procedures and forms, and the CPAM staff (poor sods) will have to be trained. I imagine there will be the usual confusion and contradiction. Having been a full time resident of France for five years, does my husband need an S1 at all? Probably not, but getting one just in case won't do any harm.

Sorry, do you know if this means that with the older spouse having an S1, the younger spouse’s health care will no longer be covered until they too are entitled to their own S1 at retirement?

Own experience - I automatically got my S1 at 60 when I started to get my state pension. My husband was my dependant for a couple of years until he was 65 when he automatically got his S1. Yes the CPAM wanted both as it entitles them to claim reimbursements from the UK.

Tory cut backs may mean you have to claim it now. I suggest you check. I assume you are old enough to get your state pension at 65.

System is bureaucratic but the CPAM are very helpful. Bon courage!

I was intending to piggy back on my husband's S1 form when he retires in May this year. Is it now definite that I will not be able to do this and will have to continue with private health insurance or is there still confusion on this point? Who has the last say CPAM or UK?

You will not be issued an S1 until you are in receipt of your state retirement pension.

If you are already in the system, it appears you need to do nothing it just means that every individual is entitled to healthcare in their own right as opposed to being reliant on someone else status. I think it explains better here http://www.ameli.fr/assures/droits-et-demarches/la-protection-universelle-maladie_haute-garonne.php

Thanks Karen. I kinda thought that was the case...

I received my UK pension 2 months ago. I didn't have to do anything. About 2 months before that I received a form to complete asking when I wanted to start my pension as of course it can now be deferred. I returned this and received another letter with a break down of the pension and the S1.

One month after the start of my pension the first payment arrived in my chosen bank account.

If your pension is due in March, I suspect you may hear in the next few days so if you don't hear by end of January perhaps you might contact Newcastle then.

Thank you Shirley, I am recovering well thanks to the marvellous treatment received from the French health services and my wife. I'm probably in better health now than I have been for some time although I do still have a few 'issues' which, thankfully, are not life changing provided I do as I'm told!

The protocol de soins attestation provides the ALD 100% for the AVC and the diabetes and after I've finished with the laser treatment for retinopathy I think I'm heading for cataract ops which I think are day based outpatient procedures. Can't be any worse than the 4 eye injections (each eye) so far suffered! Diabetes really is an awful disease...

Graham, I Hope you are recovering well from the AVC, and no terrible after-effects kicked in! A happy &Healthy New Year to you and yours.
You should also be on ALD 100% for the AVC and the rest. I had my 2 cataract ops covered for all except the bed and food, as I had to stay in overnight both nights.

Sorry about that! The link is here

Under the heading Simplifier la vie de certains assurés de la sécu

They may just have over-simplified matters.

I don't think it has disappeared Pauline see


this dated december 2015 for action in 2016