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In 2020 I applied for and received my Carte Vitale and my own SS number. My husband reached 66 and got his S1 and I am listed as his dependent. I can no longer gain access to AMELI with my SS number , it says," not affiliated to system" but I appear on my husbands account. Is it possible to get an account of my own or will I always have to go through his account? And does my SS number no longer exist?

Do you have a job?
Edited to say sorry, stupid question, presumably if you weren’t an inactif you wouldn’t be a dépendent either. They have made a cock-up somehow - ring them on Tuesday and talk to a real person.

Was going to say same, if you work you have your own independent carte vitale and number even if you were a dependent before, I was in that situation and then worked so became my own person but have nothing to do with the UK S1 system at all.

I will call Tuesday, but have read a bit more and it appears that I essentially become a non person. Everything goes through my husbands account, even the refunds go into his account. How very old fashioned, we are financially separate with separate bank accounts. I find the system very patriarchal, joint tax declaration etc, I don’t feel my husband needs to know about my finances and he agrees, yet we have to sit down every year and confess all.

Unfortunately I imagine that if you don’t have financial independence that’s how it works, because why make twice as much paperwork. My children are on my tax declaration until they are independent, it’s the same thing, families are treated as a unit.
If you earn your own money it is different for healthcare etc.

No, actually you don’t. There are several of us in this position on Survive France. What happens is that, whichever way round it goes, the payments/refunds go through the account of the person with the S1. However, you still have your SS number and it is quoted all over the place but nothing goes through Ameli while you are a dependent. When/if you get you own S1, your original SS account will reappear and all refunds/payments will appear on it. It’s purely a financial arrangement.

In my case, I am the (female) S1 holder and my (younger male) partner is the dependent so all payments etc are registered against my account. No sexism involved.

I hope that makes it clearer.


I am totally financially independent of my husband.

I’d talk to someone asap. As I’m neither foreign nor retired I am too ignorant to help (and shouldn’t have tried to).

But not for healthcare presumably, or you wouldn’t be a dependent on his S1? If you carry on paying for your own healthcare, then you won’t be in the situation you describe.

My partner was independent from me financially, but we chose to register him as a dependent on my S1 - we didn’t have to but it made sense financially to do so until such time as he gets his own S1.

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Ah but you need to be paying into the french system yourself to gain your own personal account with ameli/carte vitale If the french health authorities don’t know you other than a dependent of your husband via the UK reciprocal system S1 then your income means nothing to them as its not generated here and you paying social charges.

It really depends how long @shunt has been in France. I got the impression from the beginning that she already had an account and was upset because she appeared to be losing it once becoming a dependent. I just wanted to reassure her that it wasn’t the case and that she not only would be retaining her SS number (it will appear everywhere) but also that her Ameli account would become reavailable once she had her own S1 - assuming she does, of course.

Having the S1 meant that I can get Healthcare in the UK, a bonus if you live in rural France where waiting times for a cancer consultation can take 5 months, but as I have a public sector pension I am taxed in the UK and don’t pay social charges as a result. I’m just amazed that I can’t have my own access to Ameli or the tax system.

A mariage is surely a team effort, or at least thats how I see it, old fashioned perhaps. How can being financially separate with seperate bank accounts be a marriage, or is it me?
I don’t see not knowing each others finances as being helpful, just secretive, but we are all different.
I know that if someone has nothing useful to say then best to say nothing but couldn’t let your views pass without comment, what works for some I suppose.


Sorry to hear that has been your experience. We live in rural Lot et Garonne and are 45 minutes from Agen where the hospitals are excellent and appointments for serious health issues are prompt - weeks at most, sometimes days.

It’s you! :slight_smile: I met my OH having had a lifetime of living on my own and doing my own thing. We have been together now 35 years. If we’d shared a bank account we would not have survived the first week. :grin:

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When you have your own S1, you will have access to Ameli. You have chosen to be dependent on your husband’s S1 and therefore you will have your own SS number, but have to use his account for the duration of your dependency.

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What’s yours is mine, and whats mine is my own! :rofl:

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Well, now my simple question as lapsed into comments about the state of my marriage, I think it’s time to leave this conversation. I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to make such unwelcome, uncalled for comments.

Read my post again.
I was not being specific to you or your marriage but making my view on marriage in general.

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I am in the same situation and the final straw for me was when my mammogram convocation was sent to my partner. I tried everything to be able to have my own account again, so can tell you that while you remain a beneficiary of your partners this is the only way it works,

I have my own SS number, and this is used one some things, but everything with a € attached to it goes through his account. And I cannot have my own ameli account.