S1 form - help pls!

Hello, my husband has retired but isn’t old enough yet to get a UK state pension. Can he get an S1? Doesn’t look like it from HMRC forms but does anyone have any advice please? Thank you in advance! I have my S1…(we have residence)

My OH hopped on the back of my S1 when we first came over… is that feasible for you family situation??

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If you have an S1 you can phone the DWP overseas team and ask for a dependants S1.


The same for me

Morning Happy

I have retired recently, and was unable to apply for my S1 until I reached retirement age.

Hope that helps


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But once you have it then you can get a dependent’s one for your spouse. That’s what I have since my retirement is still in the future.


Can we be clear on this… as this is certainly what worked for OH and myself.

If one person (Holder) has S1, this means the Spouse can also be named on the S1 and gain the health cover…
BUT the Holder of S1 must make an application for the Spouse to be included … inclusion to last until such time as Spouse is eligible for own S1.

Have I got this right ???

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Nearly, but not quite. The spouse gets their own S1, with no expiry date.

I’m not sure whether you or the French authorities apply for it. Easy enough to check by phoning DWP international.

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Ah… Until OH reached retirement he was definitely named as my dependent… albeit with his own bit of paper…
When OH finally reached retirement and was eligible in his own right…
He was issued with his own (independent) S1 which we had to register with CPAM.

This is what happened to us but it was many, many years ago…

At what point does the Spouse now get an un-time-limited S1… ???

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Mine was just a couple of years ago, and I got it a month or two after OH got his. His has no end date and neither does mine - we are hopefully immortal! (It was pre-end of Brexit transition tho’)


Cheers Jane… I think it’s clear now…
just to recap …
If someone has an S1 and spouse doesn’t… for heaven’s sake get onto DWP and have spouse named as dependent and issued with S1… phew…


Absolutely right!

We didn’t do this when we first came over but that was because I thought we couldn’t, not being married. I had an S1 and when we were PACSed I rang DWP (a couple of years back now) and my partner was duly issued with hisown form, but appears on my Ameli account, not his. They actually made no checks whatever that we were actually legit (which we were because being PACS counts as a civil partnership in UK eyes)


Just to warn anyone who is a dependent on their OH’s S1 to make sure all the paperwork is sorted out when they themselves reach retirement and they get their own S1 and carte vitale.
I can’t remember now what the problem was - sorry, it was years ago - but I know we had assumed somehow everything would be sorted automatically (maybe it is these days?) but it wasn’t and OH had no S1 or carte vitale for months while we chased the overseas section of the DWP.


Well worth mentioning… we were all geared-up, but it’s too easy to forget/overlook stuff as time passes by…

If he’s a dependent. If he has his own income then…

Nothing to do with income, all to do with one of the couple having reached the age and paid NI to get UK State Pension. You could be as rich as Richard Branson and still be elegible.

I’ve got the S1 (after months of arging with HMRC: I still get paid a tiny salary) but he’s the one with the lovely pension. So I can get him named as a dependent. Thank you everyone. I had such a battle that has taken 8 months with HMRC being hopeless.


You can only get the S1 form in the first place if you are actually drawing your UK pension. I’m 18 months past pension age but I still work (because I enjoy it) and thus don’t draw my pension. I applied for an S1 and was rejected because I was not drawing the pension. Daft really but whatever! (still trying to get my Carte Vitale but by being properly financially resident here i.e. contributing to French social charges but since I’m paid from the UK it gets complicated…)

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As things panned out, my competent authority is Ireland (though I have state pensions from the UK and France as well) and in the Irish system, which I would assume, though more generous, is based on the UK one with a few tweaks, the other person must be dependent. From personal experience I know that if the other person has income or savings above a certain level (savings have an imputed income) then they need to wait until they reach pension age for their own S1. And, BTW, given current interest rates the imputed income from savings is ridiculously high.

Maybe the UK system is different, but if so why is it called “dependent”?

That makes sense. I have a pension and my wife is my dependent so she has a small pension based on my pension and is thus is entitled to a S1.

Because one S1 is dependent on the other one. Not that the person is dependent. So if person A no longer gets an S1, then person B’s S1 will also be cancelled. I imagine this is quite common with worker’s s1’s.