S1 form, residency and health insurance

We plan to move to France end Dec 2020. I will have an S1 form and will add my wife as a dependent. Several questions around this
Can anyone tell me if an S1 is sufficient evidence of healthcare cover to apply for residency on the portal for each of us.
If not, what level of health insurance will we need to satisfy our residency application
Once I present my S1 to our local CPAM, do we have to wait 3 months to apply for a carte vitale
Or are we covered from day 1 by the S1 and we get temporary documents to show at hospitals etc
Finally, do we have to live in France for 3 months before we can apply via the portal

There are many threads which outline what you need to do Before End December 2020.
Re Health Care… if you arrive with S1… go straight to CPAM and get the process started.

(Extra Health Insurance is also an important thing to consider … since most health things in France are paid 30%-70% by the State and the patient pays the rest…)

here is a brief list which you might find helpful … some things to do swiftly …

Frankly, you can apply on the portal once the 3 months are up, provided you have done the necessary to be able to give proof of your “Residency before 31/12/20”… better to wait until all the ducks are in a row…
Get stuff started now with the various processes outlined above… before the end of the year… or you will have missed the important deadline which offers Withdrawal Agreement benefits…

Your S1’s should be adequate to show your health needs are covered, just make sure they are dated before 31/12/20. And by taking the S1 into CPAM you are starting the process to get your social security number and cartes vital - both of which should appear automatically in the fullness of time. Once your S1’s are accepted you should receive a paper attestation which will serve in place of the CVs until they arrive.

I can’t advise on when you should apply to the portal. But whatever you do make sure you have positive proof of arriving as a permanent resident before the 31st. So as well as the useful things on Stella’s list I would also add to keep hold of travel tickets, toll receipts, bill from removal van, basically anything that shows you are really here. Also do tell HMRC you have left (form P85 I think).

It seems that a lot of people might be trying to game the system - pretending they are resident to get the card but without really intending to become a full resident, or not actually even being here but merely thinking second home ownership is sufficient. So my personal hunch is that the french authorities (who are not stupid) might look more closely at applications from people who “arrive” during the last few months before the shutters come down. This may be wrong, but no harm in keeping receipts and so on just in case.

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Thanks for your help, good clarifacation

Thanks for your help

How does that work Jane? In my experience doctors, dentists and pharmacies aren’t interested in bits of paper. They just want the card.

Card is miles easier…and you don’t have to pay upfront. But it can takes several weeks to get the CV so the paper proves you are in the Health system. And from the date of the attestation you can claim back the appropriate percentage on anything you have to pay out.

Also, once you have the paper attestation you can get a GP to register as your Médecin Traitant which make sit all cheaper…


I agree Jane, I was just making the point that it doesn’t serve as a CV. In other words nobody takes it, so don’t pitch up to a doctor or pharmacy and wave it about. It just means you can claim back. My wife got her attestation on August 28th and is still waiting for her CV. Our Mutuel did take the attestation as proof she was affiliated though and for direct payment. And she has registered with a MD.

I remember before the CVs I used to have to fill in three forms, Social Security, Mutuel and and CAPICAF. Direct payment is a dream by comparison.

Yes, it is a bonus. I still have a couple of consultants who aren’t set up for tiers payant so still have to do the paper feuille de soins.

But it is the paper attestation that makes the CV work… as on the other thread where some people are finding their attestation has a 31/12/20 end date on it. If that is not changed then the CV will not work after then. So paper is the meaningful document, the plastic is the practical expression of it.

I would say the Attestation means more than that… it gives all the details of who you are and how you are covered for health care…

Also, it can give details of a more private nature (certain illnesses) which one can choose Not to print out…

The point is Stella is is not the same as a CV.

Sure, that’s because their S1s have run out. Mine’s for life🙂

No indeed… the CV is the computer gadget… and is not taken by every medical whatsit…

Attestation is asked for in some instances… and not just for immigrants… it seems to have depended on the consultant (whatever)

Certainly, a large sign appeared at the local Radiographie place many years ago … saying A’s must be produced… although I never actually clarified why (due to lack of language skills at that time)…

and OH has been asked to provide CV and A at some of his specialist appointments… again no idea why…

No it’s not - and think yourself lucky! :rage:

Blame Farrage, the ERG and Dominic (I used to work at No. Ten) Cummins. And the disaster is only starting to unfold. They have created a lot of suffering.

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Well at least you can print off an attestation any time you need it. Though I’m not sure I’d be happy with a practitioner who was stuck in the pre-CV age. Doesn’t indicate an up to date attitude, does it? Does he use leeches? I’m very keen in the national database which keeps all my records. This shuffling around with scans etc. is tedious.

I rather like being in possession of scans, full test results from the lab etc. And ringing a specialist for an appointment and getting one. I don’t remember anything like that happening in the UK - what’s yours is theirs.

You can request all your records from a medical practitioner Fleur. My wife did it could of times moving GP and consultants. Actually what’s yours stays yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Never had any medical thingies back in UK… Doctor/specialist/whoever kept those…
but here… I’ve a thick file going back 20 years… fascinating to see what has got better and what has got worse…


there is obviously a good reason for Attestations to be available to be printed off… and it’s so easy via the Ameli site…
One has the choice of downloading or printing… and also the choice of “hiding” the more detailed ALD info…

It might well seem odd… but there it is… they are on-line and available … or one can ask the local CPAM and one will be sent by post… :hugs: