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I have just been let down by a UK garage who looked after my moho for several years and promised to buy it earlier in the year. . I do not wish to return to the UK on spec so am trying to sell here in France. We now have a French car and are residents so the van is surplus to requirements hence the sale.

It is a 2007 LMC (part of the Geist group) Liberty 708 on UK plates. It has been refined so both house and engine batteries are solar powered hence it can sit forever and still fire up first time. It’s rhd, needs a bit of tidying up and a replacement light array at the rear. I am too busy (handicapped wife and large garden to look after!) to do what’s needed so am looking for a quick sale at a very reasonable price.

I am teetering on keeping it but would need to clear my barn so get in quick if you’re interested!

P.s. the van has done just 2k ish miles since the last MOT which is current.

Hi Beerbiker, welcome to SF. Could you upload a photo please? It’s always a good marketing tactic. People like to see what they are buying. Also, whereabouts in France are you? It’s a big place!

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Place…silly me in Manche, south of St Lo quite close to an autoroute so easy to get to…with a moho I’ve discovered how big France really is…from experience not just looking at a map! Photo…didn’t know you could…will do…ty for the advice.

Take your photo. Save your JPG somewhere. Open a “reply” box. Click on the upward pointing arrow sitting on a bar in the middle of the small icons at the top of the reply box . That opens a new menu where you can look for the photo you saved. Click on the photo, which then has a blue box round it. Click on OPEN bottom RHS and the photo will be uploaded to your reply. Press reply and everyone can then see it. Like this.

![Moho rear|400x500](upload://wxIVDyUOovoRyf1oX8OcMJCowZT

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Nice! :slight_smile: Any views inside?

(I’m addicted to million dollar motorhome programmes on TV :slight_smile:)

Hello @Beerbiker and welcome.
Really dont want to rain on your parade but!
You say you are resident here in France so that being the case the motorhome needed to be registered here which could cost you dearly if you haven’t included it as part of your personal possessions when arriving here.
Unless you can sell it to someone who is UK resident or going to be then your best bet is to get it back to England to sell it. Right hand drive very much restricts selling here.
The UK market for second hand motorhomes seems to be very from what I read.

This is right. I did just that with my self-build a couple of weeks ago. The fact it’s RHD would make the cost and ‘docamenti’ of FR reg pointless.

I short-circuited any brain-ache about value by putting it on eBay with a low starting price, to get the ball rolling. I ended up doing better than I’d anticipated because a little bidding tussle took place at last knockings.

The key with eBay, esp with a large, complicated item like a camper, where people will bid without actually coming to view, is to shoot masses of photos. You’re only allowed 12 in the main ad but can add 5 more to individual enquiries and send more to a personal email address.

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I am very well aware of the situation having been let down by the garage but I won’t bother to argue with your factually incorrect comments. Positive and accurate responses are always better imho.

That is helpful. However mine is not a self-build and a local garage will do the change of reg. quite cheaply plus the cost of a CT and any work needed such as lights. Thanks for the comments regarding Ebay. That seems to be the best option now. Whomever buys it will get a mechanically very good vehicle suited for “wild” camping and not reliant on site parking.

Will do tmrw.

Fair enough
Good luck with your sale.

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One wonders why would anybody buy a RHD, UK reg motorhome in France? Except perhaps to export to the UK?

That’s the nub if it. As a RHD camper it’s of no appeal in FR. The FR mkt is bursting at the seams with LHD campers

Is that still so? I thought that there was a huge run on the things during and after Covid and so there was a bit of a shortage, Is that now past?

Camper/M.home dealers’ lots have astonishing amounts of stock - certainly my experience down south.

That’s very interesting @captainendeavour - are you talking south of France here or your Spanish experience?

Southern FR

Thanks! We have our new little caravan and that is fine for the moment but a friend locally was thinking about getting a camping-car so it’s useful to know.

Several people have commented about rhd. Having driven over 6k miles with it I have found little difficulty. In fact is some cases it makes life easier. There is no real need to overtake so that doesn’t enter the equation. The only difficult bit is on a sharp entry to an autoroute but with a passenger and the usual long feeds onto them that problem becomes small. I agree with thoughts about “who might buy” but then I only need one person who is looking for a sound vehicle at a good price able to do a bit of maintenance or be prepared to put it in for a repair.