Sale of a motorhome

Coincidentally I was taking a look at motorhomes/campervans today as quite fancy the idea. I started to look on the old and faithful boncoin, but was a little surprised at how relatively pricey they appeared to be generally. I have a friend locally with a VW campervan which seems to be very versatile and probably my ideal, but the prices for the mileage and age just seemed plain crazy. So @captainendeavour I’m a little surprised by your comment, as excess supply should normally drive down prices, but to me at least, that doesn’t seem to have affected the LHD vehicles…unless I’m missing something.

So after boncoin, I thought, let’s take a look at UK’s autotrader, and I was equally shocked at how much cheaper the vehicles were, which I guess is also heightened further with the exchange rate. But then I remember someone here locally in the village being given their parents motorhome (UK registered), but then having to give it back as it was too complex and pricey to get it French registered.

@Beerbiker are you sure it’s straightforward to get French registered. I registered 2 UK plated cars (one RHD and one LHD) when I moved here pre-Brexit, so I know how relatively straightforward that was, but now with a motorhome and post Brexit…ummmm. I would be very interested to know your thoughts and also an indication as to how much you would be looking for, as the fact it’s RHD doesn’t phase me, but getting it registered does. I think my ideal would be more campervan than motorhome if I’m honest, but depends on the definition of ‘good price’ :grinning:

Does it have an indoor toilet & shower, how many miles and how much is it?

My father in law is looking to buy a motorhome in UK so a UK registered RHD is ideal.

Do any motorhomes not have toilets and showers???

Get it french registered and passing all the impots and regulations after whats the price and how many kilometres has it done



Friends brought their 1 year old camping car to France just scraping in before the post brexit deadline and included it in the list of personal belongings.
It took 6 months and £2.5k to get it registered here!
Now post Brexit it will be a challenge to go through the same process.
The motorhome in question has a valid MOT so clearly was brought into France post Brexit. Its owners have stated they are French resident but not stated if the motorhome was included on their imports inventory.
As I see it if a french resident buys it they will be subject to paying 20% import duty plus whatever other charges are applied.
The only feasible way forward IMO is to return it to the UK to sell.

Unless the various difficulties/challenges are reflected in the price of course.

But the pre-Brexit example you give does sound a bit stiff!

A bit stiff maybe but I shoukd add that the process proved to be quite a challenge and includsd in the cost was a fee for a comoany to do the paperwork . The comoany were well versed in the process and even they struggled.

Attempting to sell a UK registered vehicle in France to anyone other than a british resident is a hiding to nothing.


true enough… as with anything… there only needs to be one buyer…

you mention maintenance and repairs… what do you have in mind?
What does the current MOT say…

If you put it through its French CT… now… it will be clear to any Purchaser what (if anything) needs doing… and it will need the new CT anyway to officially register it in France.

You should surely sell it within the 6 months CT-timeframe, if the price is right…

incidentally… some interior shots might attract folk…

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If you go to the Motor Home and Camper Show at the N.E.C. you will boggle at what are essentially plastic cottages on 6 wheels costing £250k and more. One of the ‘camper van’ fora I was reg’d to had a thread started by a bloke who was having problems with his electric beds… :roll_eyes:

Have a gander at the Hymer range of such beasts.

The quote includes your subsequent comment about UK prices.

1] Someone on this forum once remarked that the French are the only people he knows who pay full RRP for everything. And selling, accept the first price offered.

For example, I offered €10k less than the asking for my house and €20 less than the asking for a bed. In UK the sellers would have said “Split the difference” “Meet me half way” My French sellers just accepted my offers without demur.

2] Prices for vehicles aof all kinds are very much higher in FR for the same thing in UK. I bought a Peugeot 307SW for £995, inc 10 months MoT. It had a fault which [eventually] cost €250 to fix. The same car here would cost +€1500 private, + €2000 trade. I’ve checked because there was someone here who was interested in buying.

A Danish pal was so amazed at the low prices in UK for a certain age-range of BMW m/bikes - and all low mileages 'cos UK is teeny - he bought 21! And a Ducati and a Moto Guzzi …

I understand your reservations. I believe that the hoops to be jumped thru’ for m/homes and campers are very much more complex and stringent than for cars. If a car has the Cert of Conformity or the code thereof on its CT/MoT, that’s good enough for what in the m/home case is a mighty rigmarole “All corners must be radiused” - I kid you not!

If the vehicle in Q is a UK built vehicle, I can see tears before bedtime and mucho dinero.

I think its German. The habitation door is on the same side as it would be on a LHD model.

Of course it’s German…it’s an LMC, part of the Hymer group as I said!

Sorry, LMC means nothing to me and you said it was part of the Geist group. Not sure how I deduced it was German but think it will be easier to get it registered in France because of this. It looks very nice but we already have a Rapido.

@Beerbiker are you still interested in selling as couldn’t see any price quoted or any responses re inside photos and mileage???

sorry, busy day…will do tmrw a.m. yes I am…time she flies!

@Beerbiker some info re what works/repairs would also be useful… eg has the last MOT work been seen to yet??

At a glance


I’m wondering about what isn’t visible. It’s the MOTs which will have noted things which need attention but can’t necessarily be seen…

always useful to be able to follow what’s been mentioned… corrected… or not…