Sarky has been convicted but does not have to go to jail

Sarky has been convicted of corruption and is jailed for 3 years. But does not have to go to jail.

Well…that is justice French style.

I get caught speeding at 33 kph in a 30 kph zone and I get a 90 euro fine and some points for good matter.

I’m struggling to understand this.

France has some elitism problems to deal with.

Tell that to Boris and his public school mates :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Not that I’m condoning Sarky in any way. I never liked him.


The Law only applies to us proles.

As with many other high-profile folk in similar situations…
M Sarkosy : 1 year under “house-arrest” while he wears an electronic bracelet…
and for 3 years stripped of his “civic rights” which means he can’t be in politics etc and will be “persona non grata”…

House arrest instead of prison, for a multi millionaire that will be hell on earth for him :roll_eyes::yum:

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Is that amount because you delayed paying - if you pay on time, isn’t it usually half that.

I think 90€ in a built up area 30-50km/h and 45€ if not.
I’ve only had fines for spending on roads 70km/h and above 45€ and 1 point each time.

I think that is the smaller fee for quick payment, it’s 150ish maybe if you delay. The fine for speeding when the limit is low is considerably more than if it’s 70 or 90kmh for example, the idea being that if you speed even a little in a 20 or 30 zone you’re doing so in a place where people are likely walking (town/ city centres, school zones etc) so could harm or kill people much more easily by even going a little over the limit. I’ve no idea if the stats back that up, but that’s the thought as I understand it.

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Looks like you’re more of an authority than me, all my tickets have been for doing 87/97kph

Interesting that they’re proposing changing the speeding points system . Meanwhile, it’s mainly back to 90kph around us (Aveyron/Cantal)but it’s still 80 int he adjoining Lot

In have no idea in fact….never had a speeding ticket. I’m sure I will have a slight lapse of concentration one day and get taxed for it.

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Being an ex president he probably has a security contingent Lol. I’m not sure what an electronic bracelet adds.

So why go on about it?

Well I think corruption is a serious offense….particularly for an ex president. But yet he has got away with it….or certainly the punishment does not fit the crime.

Being finned for doing 33 kph in a 30 zone and getting fined and pointed is a bit unfair in comparison.

It is these types of things that alienate people from politics. And then they wonder why nobody votes or why people go out on streets smashing things up or fighting the police every week.


You would need to be doing 35 in a 30 as it is 10% + 2 to reach the threshold for a fine (the same calculation in UK also).

For 35 to be the actual speed the indicated speed is likely to be 36/37 on the speedo.

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Still most fines are issued for a lack concentration rather the intention to speed. Which is wrong

Very easy to get to 85 kph in a 80 zone if you are thinking about something.

You cannot be 100% accurate with speed limits. It is impossible.

And as you point out, speedos on different cars are calibrated differently. If I set my speedometer to 80kph I will have a lorry very close behind beeping his horn.

He hasn’t ‘got away with it’ but the sanction does seem very light. However, there may be ramifications for him now that he has a criminal record.

All sorts of things are denied and forbidden to those with a criminal record. This may well apply to the letter in the case of countries other than FR, which on the face of it, has dealt Sarko literally a ‘get out of jail’ card.

I think we can reasonably guess that Sarko is going to find his crim record extremely inconvenient, from time to time.

The comparison with speeding offences is absurd.

This is unlikely bring about a fine - in an 80 you would need to be travelling at 90 (10% + 2 ) likely to be indicated at 92/93.

Are you certain of this? I have no knowledge so I’m not suggesting you’re wrong, I just had a feeling this was discussed on here before and the tolerances were different (less?) in France, but maybe I’m just making that up :see_no_evil:

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Quite sure. I used to be involved with installing speed cameras in UK.

……and despite this I got a ticket recently in France in a 50 that states as speed measured was above 57 a fine was due. The 57 being the 10%+ 2.

I should have known better!


I did wonder if I was making it up, clearly I was! :joy: That’s why this place is so good, there’s someone who actually knows (not just thinks, suspects, has decided with no real evidence) about near enough everything!