School Security Measures effective MONDAY 23 NOVEMBER

For any and all parents/carers, this has just been issued following recent events and as far as I know affects all schools. The complete details are on the link.

"Dans un communiqué transmis vendredi 20 novembre au soir, le ministère de l'Education a réactualisé ses consignes de sécurité suite aux attentats terroristes du 13 novembre. Ces consignes s'appliqueront dès lundi 23 novembre au matin et concernent l'ensemble des académies. Francetv info détaille ces mesures obligatoires.

Les fiches Vigipirate obligatoires à l'entrée des établissements

Les fiches Vigipirate-Alerte Attentat doivent être affichées à l'entrée des écoles, collèges et lycées d'Ile-de-France et les fiches Vigipirate pour les autres académies. Ces fiches rappellent les principales consignes de sécurité, les réflexes à adopter et les consignes à propos des déplacements.

For years mine have been checking themselves out of school and meeting at their various different finish-times in a café which they walk to, where I have a tab; they have something for goûter and start getting on with their prep while they wait for me to come & pick them up.

I have never been able to be at the school gate either for dropping-off or for picking up, because of work. I dump them in town & they sort themselves out.

However, my 5 children were born over 9 years so there has always been someone to go with (except for the first when she started collège & then lycée - but she was in lycée at 13 & just had to get on with it which was useful experience since by 16 she was at university in Paris & there wasn't anyone within shouting distance). They were all used to going to & from a central point to music lessons etc on foot so not a problem really.

What exactly do you mean by 'Strangers'?

Mine have a 10 min difference, as a result I am almost last to collect the littler ones and first to collect the older one.

Otherwise we have to hang around outside...but as we all know each other life goes on as normal.

Certainly, by then quite a few pupils stay behind in the Étude at college and lycée who are collected progressively later which does not cause problems at all as a rule. If there are siblings, then it would not take a great deal of imagination to give them a time slot that fits with the one who would be leaving last if they were the only child. Staggering takes a bit of organisation, not simply chucking all kids out in one batch. Mind you, with most colleges and lycées batch by batch they should be out in about 20-25 minutes and the children waiting back for siblings would be better overseen inside the school that waiting outside anyway.

That's very true about having children in different classes and I should think it's quite common. As you say, each school will need to adapt the guidelines/rules to suit their particular layout, class sizes etc.

Exactly. In the past it seems to have always worked that way.
Hopefully there will be more forward thinking now.

I worked in a school that had a staggered finish time due to the difference between the set hours for KS1 and KS2 children, the younger children left 15 minutes earlier at the end of the day. It was incredibly unpopular with the parents, many of which had children in both key stages. In the end the KS1 children were given a 15 minute break half way through the afternoon and finished at the same time. Security measures are vital but nearly every school is different and the actual procedures undertaken at the start and end of the day wil vary from one establishment to another.

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Well worth the time to watch. It’s a bit of an eye opener!

I'm not sure I understand the logic of that, Jane. Why would preventive measures be held off until after an incident? Surely it would be too late then?

It's absolute bedlam at some schools and colleges in these parts. Surely car sharing would help as would staggered leaving times. It's amazing no major accidents have occured although there are the usual knocks and bumps when parking etc.

Jane with respect, just because 'nothing has happened so far' doesn't mean we shouldn't change things. Nothing like the friday 13th massacre had happened in France before so maybe tighter security and vigilance may have prevented at least some of the deaths..

Staggered times is a perfectly sensible idea, Brian, and would take little to implement I would think. Even if it was as basic as two "batches" say 10 minutes apart it would allow for at least some of the students/parents to leave before batch 2 comes out. Of course, there would always be the lingerers who stay for a chat, nothing wrong with that, but the opportunity would be there for some of the students to be "cleared" before the others leave the building. Any measure that would help reduce the general melee around the entrances/car park must be beneficial.

If they are having this, then why not go the whole hog?

Why change anything, Brian. Nothing has happened so far!

We collect to get our girls home quicker that they would by the transport provided that obviously has to drop off en route. They are home about 1700 instead of 1900. The problem with picking up is at least fourfold.

Firstly, too many people are clearly too lazy to use the parking spaces provided if they are roughly (as far as, shock horror) 200m from the gate. I get there five minutes early and the first college, then have plenty of space. Waiting does not do me any harm, anyway it gives me time to watch what is going on.

Secondly, nobody has had the sense to 'stagger' when pupils come out. It could, for example, start at five to four and be every five minutes which would thin the traffic out a little. However, as often as not, nobody saunters over to open the gate until well after the bell has rung and a single person checking the school cards seems insane with all classes in a scrum anyway. Any little glitch or dispute then it stack up. That is compounded by the bell ringing late, teachers not finishing classes on time and probably other inefficiencies.

Thirdly, talking to other parents outside both colleges, in fact the groups of pupils hanging out outside the school, especially those doing wheelies on their bikes, racing haphazard along the roads, skateboarding in the road, running about chasing each other and sometimes falling in the road, makes the school area a bit too dangerous for drivers to drive normally, but some drivers get impatient, therefore road use is a mess. The kids are still in loco parentis during school hours but 1cm outside the gate and the schools no longer take any responsibility. It compounds problems.

Fourthly, there has always been a potential for something to happen anyway. For instance, I am a stranger very few people know or recognise because I come from nearly 30km away. Many people huddle together in their own little familiar groups and are so engrossed in chat they often miss or ignore their offspring which is the reason they are there. Kidnaps or other things would be very easy, even with a bit of a fuss given that there are parents who treat their children so appallingly it shocks me but is generally ignored.

These measures could be gainfully used to introduce some order into dropping off and picking up, overseeing that properly and attempting to discourage the kind of generally terrible road use all round. I am, needless to say, sceptical and suspect the intent is good but enforcement is likely to fail.

Unfortunately , in Montpellier, the "Strangers" out nunber the Locals .

Anonymous the underground hacking group are going after them too!

Quite agree Hilary Jane. Even Iran wants to attack Syria and China has publically condemned ISIL so the Jihadists don't have many friends. Obama said today their funds will be cut-off which will make life difficult for them too. I can't recall when so many nations have joined forces, is it unique ?

The worrying headline from France today is the theft of Anti Contamination suits from a childrens hospital in Paris. The French government are frightened ISIL are planning chemical attacks either airborne or through the water system. Worrying times indeed...


That is the one good thing that has emerged from recent events.....Putin, Obama and the rest genuinely co-operating for the good of us all....

Let's hope this carries on, once the 'real & present danger' has subsided.....

Perhaps they'll also wake up to the fact that we need proper border controls....idiotic to get rid of them in the first place...politicians (give me strength)....

Totally agree.