Second Wave Concerns?

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Not unexpected with all those holidaymakers coming from countries where “Test and Trace” is not rigorously applied.

Sunday evening and my wife and I drove out to Jullouville on the coast for a quiet walk along the beach. We were met by an endless snake of cars leaving the resort, the most cars and camper-vans I’ve ever seen on French roads.

The small seaside town was packed with people eating and drinking on pavement restos and bars, no masks to be seen anywhere. There was even a big red double-decker London bus (UK-plated) selling traditional English fish-and-chip-burgers.

The Baie Mont St Michel has been relatively Covid-free until now, but… :roll_eyes:


That tends to suggest you got the car fixed.
What was the diagnosis? I need to know that!

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Replacement front disks and plaquettes, and ditto front tyres which were worn…total bill €490, but local first-rate garagiste allows payment in three monthly prelevements for deserving wrinklies :+1::heart::hugs:


Not bad. I imagine it’s a lot nicer to drive now.
Local resorts are always crowded in the holiday season. Too easily accessible from Paris by road or train to Granville.
We like to walk on the beaches when the tourists are gone and we can take the dog who enjoys it even more than we do.

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Jim said that there was a car with Paris (75) plates at the dechetterie.

@Jane_Williamson these days, the 75 plate means nothing as there is no requirement on sale of a vehicle to change the plate if the immatriculation is of the new style - not Department specific…


It normally is when it is holiday time . I know that you can keep your plate nowadays, but I wouldn’t want to drive with 75 on my car around here.

It is amazing how many people seem to have had a brain by-pass.

Which neck of the woods do you and Mrs K hang out in, Mike? If “hang out” is not paroles passées :thinking::roll_eyes:

Anywhere between GenĂŞts and Granville, but Carolles Plage mostly.


But there is no truth in the rumour that i can be seen hanging out at Saint Jean le Thomas! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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@Mike_Kearney aka the Invisible Man

I would never have thought it remotely possible, not even in my wildest dreams.
Inconceivable for a man like you with a spouse like yours. Perish the thought, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. :scream:

Edited to say what Ă  lot of old cobblers I come out with, Mike! Ignore it. :roll_eyes::thinking::pensive:

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When one witnesses such things as a Bar customer deliberately removing his mask so that he may double kiss the cheeks of another customer upon his departure from the premises, then I should think that there is a very high chance that there will be a substantial second wave.

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I think the situation may get more acute in the 2nd half of August and, as there is a dog in the pipeline (awaiting documentation) to deliver to Clermont Ferrand soon I am urging sooner rather than later. After the 15th it may be too late. ;-(

Summer officially ends on 15th August… at least that’s what the neighbours have been telling us for years… :roll_eyes:

be interesting to see what difference that date will make this year…

Our Munich family are coming on Friday 14th and it often rains when they come.

I’m only sitting here writing this nonsense because it’s too hot to do anything else! My thermal cutout is triggered by anything above 20°C.

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Looks like we’re off for a second lockdown. Stay safe !