Secure temporary Wi-Fi access

Does anyone have any experience of using Hippocket Wi-Fi as a personal Wi-Fi source when travelling in Europe? (Need to get some sort of temporary secure Wi-Fi to be able to use my banking apps etc. until we can get it set up in the house). Thanks.

I haven’t used the HippoPocket devices but a friend has. It seemed to work well, but they found that as it was tied to an (unspecified) operator, reception was patchy.

It did exactly what any smartphone will do - it connected to cellular data (using 4G) and then acted as a wireless hotspot. I showed them how to set up their phone to do this and they returned the HippoPocket…

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would a VPN be as just effective?

I think the question is about personal hotspots - a VPN on top of that might be useful but generally an internet connection using UK SIM will appear to originate in the UK anyway.

Whether the HippoPocket is a good idea for Maura will depend somewhat on the tariff that she is on for her phone and roaming data, whether her phone will act as a personal WiFi hotspot (most modern phones will) and what use she has in mind - if it is just banking then that will not use much data.

HippoPocket is 35,60€ for 4 days, 59€ for 10 days and 96,60€ for 14 days - at those prices your UK SIM is likely to be cheaper (e.g. Vodafone’s EuroTraveller pass is £2/day and you just have your normal data limit).


I thought I read it more as a security issue tbh

A VPN would serve that purpose, no?

Fair enough.

The threat to HTTPS data in flight is minimal, indeed the threat to any data in flight is overstated.

A VPN would add another layer of security if it is encrypted. Whether it would make the difference between her traffic being “hacked” or not I am less convinced. After all if your threat model is a man-in-the-middle attack then the data is still vulnerable between the UK endpoint of the VPN and her bank.

Don’t forget that using a UK SIM the data goes in the GSM layers back to the UK mobile provider.

just thought that your comment might be useful for the OP…

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Absolutely :slight_smile:

I must admit I read the original query as simply about getting internet access when away and thought that @_Brian’s reply was very helpful.

perhaps I should get out more…


Having read all the welcome responses, I’m not sure what I need! :joy: Tech savvy is definitely not my strong point :woozy_face:. I thought I was prepared. Bought a new up to date iPhone. Virgin (don’t say it!) is my Uk network. Mobile data is on as is roaming (no charge as long as I stay within my normal allowance. I have no Wi-Fi in the temporary accommodation. If I try to access anything on line it keep losing & gaining connection or let’s me get so far then loses. I can get insecure public Wi-Fi in the main part of town but do not want to access my bank accounts via this. I thought the Hippocket Wi-Fi sounded like a secure personal Wi-Fi for internet access and was going to rent it for 2mths - that is of course if I can actually get on secure internet to order it!:grimacing:

I suggest you visit your nearest Apple store and ask how to set up your phone to act as a wi-fi hotspot. That should be all you need.

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you may also need to ensure that your iPhone SIM network settings are set to automatically choose preferred network and to connect to data services when roaming.
Do you have a dual SIM model? If so, whilst in France, you might wish to consider a PAYG SIM to use on the French network.

Good idea, @graham, but the OP opines that

hence my suggestion to visit an Apple Store, as they can explain face-to-face about dual SIM operations (which can be daunting to the uninitiated!)


absolutely, but may not have realised what a dual SIM is without mentioning it :wink:

Do you have a good signal on the phone?

This should give you some pointers on setting up a hotspot

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I think they are Graham :grimacing:

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No idea :roll_eyes:As far as I know there’s just one place put one SIM!

To be fair the signal in the apartment is not great. I did try the link you suggested. But only lets you join unsecured wifi. :pensive:

Many modern phones allow 1 SIM card plus 1 virtual SIM - these are downloaded and embedded in the phone’s software and firmware. An Apple store will be able to explain all!

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None anywhere near me Brian :weary: