Selling a UK car

Hello all. Could someone advise how you value a car you would like to sell? In the uk there was always guides with estimates of value. It is a rhd so I presume that reduces the value?Take it to a garage? Any ideas?
Many thanks T

Have a look for similar vehicles on leboncoin?

Is on a French or U.K. plate?

French plates.

I’d look for similar LHD cars on la Centrale, and the reduce the amount by two thirds…

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Unless the OP can find another Brit resident in France that wants an RHD car on French plates, they’ll be lucky to get offered more than scrap value by any French dealer.

Hi Toovey… what car is this ???

A few details might help find a new owner… someone on the forum who is interested or knows someone… perhaps…

just a thought…

I have looked at LBC and the other site and presume that they are all LHD but I thought they were expensive, although this was before I took off the two thirds!!! It is a VW EOS lovely in the summer with the top off, the cqr not me!!!
Thanks for all you help everyone xx

I’ve just Googled it… looks great.

Are you looking to replace it or just reduce your fleet. :wink:

Hi Stella, I have sent you pm, regqrds T

Could you tell me how to do this please;

I’m sending you a message
@Toovey27 you just click Reply at the bottom of my Message (if you find it) and then type your reply and away you go…

PM sent

Someone posted legipermis fr yesterday which seemed to lead to a car valuation site for french cars

Having just been through process of buying new second-hand car they are expensive here. There is a real shortage of new cars, with waiting times of up to a year to get some of them, so 2nd hand costs have risen. And they were always expensive in France to start with!

When I value a RHD car I look at AutoTrader UK & add a bit for taking the trouble of having it already french registered.
You cannot use a french price guide because the potential demand is much smaller & it is not difficult to go to the UK, buy one & drive it back.
Mind you, now that Brexit has happened it can change that aspect a bit.


I guess you would have to drive it back to France (insured obviously), park it up off road for 6 months (SORN’ed) and then start the french registration process.

why wait 6 months??? or is that because of Brexit in some way

Wasn’t there something about extra tax/ duty if you’ve owned it less than that?

That only applies if you are a new arrival & bringing a car in as part of your personal items.
From the Douanes website - "Special case (installation in metropolitan France) on the occasion of a transfer of normal residence

If you have been residing outside the European Union, in an overseas department, an overseas territorial unit or New Caledonia for more than one year, and if you are moving permanently to mainland France, your vehicle will be admitted duty and tax free as long as the vehicle is listed on the inventory of your belongings drawn up in duplicate and meets the following three conditions

it is not a commercial vehicle ;
the vehicle is in your possession and you have used it for more than 6 months (this last condition is not required for residents coming from the DOM);
the taxes normally due in the country of origin have been paid.

Please note: imported vehicles, previously registered in a normal French series, outside the framework of a transfer of normal residence, may also be admitted for exemption from duties and taxes, particularly in respect of returned goods".