Selling U.K. Registered van in France

As title says I am selling the c15 on English plates I have all necessary paperwork for buyer to reg it here coc quitus fiscal v5c controls technique, but I’m unsure what I else I need to do please help

It would be worth a lot more registered here.

It’s gonna cost me over 300€ to reg it here I paid 130£ for it I’ve had my use out of it and I need a family car now I’ve advertised it at 800€ just to get the money back go ct and bits needed and the coc

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english plates but is it an english car? ie LHD or RHD. what work did you have to carry out fr the increase from 130 to 800€ and im assuming your selling with a fresh CT or at least 18 months CT as required by law here and also what are please. I am in the market for a small van to convert into a dog van to transport dogs around as currently have to give my missus my micro while i take the family car to pick up an drop off dogs.


It’s Rhd 4 new tyres 220€ full exhaust 400€ new rear brakes 100€ headlight convertion 80€, full roof rack 60€ side windows 40€ 2x front wings80€ not fitted yet, bonnet 50€ And the certificate of conformity 200€ Plus a box of bits It’s a 2005 regd 1.9d c15 champ with only 87k on the clock

Plus the ct from September 2017 60€ And quttus fiscale

Whoever buys it will need to get a quitas themselves, the CT is also close to the limit to be able to re-register.

It’s a difficult call, I’d probably put in on AI and Facebook and if I got no interest after a week re-register which would make it more saleable.

I agree with Tim… get it done and onto French plates. Then you can take your time to sell it at the correct price… ie… the price you want.

If you wait past mid-March (or thereabouts) , it will need to be re-tested and you will be paying out more money.

good luck

I have someone coming to view it today the original question was what else I needed to do if sale goes through if it doesn’t go today I will reg it here

A simple list of the required documents for registration is easy to locate on the ANTS site.
For your sale you just need to swap the van and the paperwork for cash. You are technically operating outside the law, only dealers are allowed to sell foreign registered cars in France, so you do not have to follow any regulations.
If I was buying the van I would only pay for it after I was sure that the registration was straightforward, eg I had the new CG in my hand.
I know this post is contradictory but it is intended to be helpful.

Mark… anyone buying your car will need documentation to register it here in France.

They will need a “bill of sale” for the paper trail to show it passing from the Owner (you) to the Buyer (them).

Someone will come on the Forum telling you exactly how to word things… I am sure (I hope)…as without a correct paper-trail… it will/might be difficult for said Buyer to register the vehicle here in France.

Found this not sure if it’s the same instance for me

Mark, my advice would be - if you’re selling it to a French person, make sure he knows that the onus is on him to re-register it and that it won’t be as straight forward as if it came with a carte grise. The average French person won’t have a clue what’s involved, why would they, and if he’s not prepared he might reasonably come back when he finds out and blame you for not mentioning it. If you have mentioned it, at least you can argue your corner afterwards.

If you’re selling it to a Brit, just make sure you get the money!

As regards quoting DVLA guidelines - if the vehicle isn’t taxed and MOT and UK-insured I think you should keep well away from DVLA!

You say it is on English plates but does it have current road tax, an MOT and U.K. insurance?

The buyer knows it’s uk regd as it was put in the advert on leboncoin also I asked if they read it was uk regd in communicating messages and they said yes they understood.

No tax mot or insurance as I got it over to transport last bits of our stuff for our move then. Sorn it got the ct and paperwork to reg it here but never got round to it

Just hand over the van and paperwork and take the money. If it is still on the DVLA’s database as belonging to you write to them as suggested. If it is alleged to be on SORN then cancel that then write the letter. Basically you want to cut any ties stating you are the registered owner.

Can I quote you on that please Dominic lol😉

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Which bit Mark? If the DVLA think that you are still the registered owner they will keep trying to get in touch with you. It’s best to let them know that the van is no longer yours. If you had sent them the permant export slip from the V5C when you brought the van to France that would have been marked on the database. Your situation doesn’t actually fit within the rules so it’s hard to follow them to the letter.
In brief. Take the money. Cover your back.