Serving breakfast - you MUST renew your license

This is the secont time I have posted this topic because last time I had only one rersponse (thanks Stella).
I cannot believe others are not facing this problem.

  1. you do need a licens to serve tea & coffee to your guests
  2. this licence needs to be renewed every 10 years.
    The confusion is whether you need to take a training (stage) every 10 years in order to renew this license?
    Whar are your experiences?

Presumably this will be relevant to @Barbara_Deane @Jane_Williamson @JJones and several others I can’t recall right now. Maybe they can add something to the discussion.

Maybe @Christine_Phillips has something to add as well. Just read her excellent blog. Here it is.

No, the very thought of doing breakfasts fills me with horror! I get up early but don’t do conversation. My friend who does chambres d’hôte loves chatting to people, but even she finds morning a bit of a strain sometimes. I must ask her about training - she complains bitterly about some of it as being such low standards that it’s a waste of time.

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Thanks for replying Jane.

What license are you talking about? We had to register our chambre d`hotes & gite business with the marie & also are registered with the Office de Tourism but no one has ever mentioed a licence. We have been doing this for 12 years now.

I don`t mind doing the breakfasts but wish sometimes the guests would not ask for such early ones! Also I hate it when they request a time & then arrive half an hour later than arranged. I could have had an extra half hour in bed :slight_smile:


like many people Christine, you are not complying.
You must have a license category 1 in order to serve te & coffee with breakfast and wine with dinner.

We have a gite, not chambres d’hotes, so this does not apply to me.

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OK Jane. Thanks.

Before we moved here we found an accountant and he got us our paperwork for the liscence and the siret number.
We also registered with the Marie.
However somehow the siret number was incorrect and although we were paying all the taxes we needed to get this sorted. None of the accoutants which we used managed to untangle the problem.
Untill one day last year we went to the chamber de Metier with every paper we had under the sun which relates to the situation. We went there with good friends (French) who know a bit about these admin matters.
The siret number was changed and we got a KABIS and we are now able to purchase professionaly at Metro etc.
We were advised that we could conduct wine tastings.
We also pay tax de sejour which I hear is non payable if the property is your main residence and is used for clients for 4 months or less.

Hi Barbara… re Taxe de Sejour… we very occasionally do B&B… at first, we were told we were exempt, but nowadays we have to take TdS from each and every client…

If we do not do a Return every quarter saying how many have stayed (even marked Zero)… we will be charged what “they” think we should have taken by way of TdS and I’ve already been caught like that once… never again…:zipper_mouth_face:

So I send in my Return with Néant clearly marked on it… and one of these days, we might have a client… which will break the monotony of these Forms…:blush:

Well hopefully we are doing exactly what is correct and attracting more attention to the flow touristique activity.
Our area is a major attraction for wedding celebrations with nearby chateaux one celebrity owned.
So the surrounding buisnesss ae doing fairly well.
Chefs are like gold dust!

If it’s main home and used for 4 months or less then you don’t have to go through some of the processes - previous thread in this here.

I did ask Marie later, and taxe de sejour is still due if applicable in your area.

Your business sounds great Barbara…and you so obviously enjoy it. :grin: the TdS is not charged in all areas… and then, it is only if someone stays the night… :relaxed:

Yes the thing about working is that it keeps you on your toes. Keeps the brain working.
We have a new plan for next spring which is organised…90% and it is everything we need.
Just working and just earning money is not enough there has to be a result. Some people love parties I love creating a project.

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no necesarilly so Stella. My area of the Languedoc has just introduced TDS based on the number of people you can accommodate - regardless of whether you have any bookings. I kid you not !

Hi Geoff… they did that to me… just the once…every year before that they had phoned for a report…

anyway, as a result of them demanding money that they were not actually due… I paid them… and shut up shop.

This year the Tourist Board contacted me to ask why I had closed…I told them the tale and they advised me that my reaction was not an isolated incident. They asked me to reconsider and use the “new” system of monthly reporting.

As I get asked occasionally, by locals, for family do’s etc, where there are not enough beds and Grandma really cannot sleep on the floor…:roll_eyes::wink: I agreed to re-open for occasional business throughout the year. As ever, it depends on whether or not it suits us…as we have many commitments which take us all over the place.

We seem to have more folk staying for free (friends and family) than paying guests… but it is always nice to be able to help if we can… :relaxed:

Unfortunately, I am one of those that like to eat very early. I actually when I go away its one of the factors in my pick of places to stay. Hazard of the business I guess. Same as me I am up at 6;30 am to eat and let my guests out, luckily they don’t do my head in!!

chefs are 2 to a penny, now good chef’s are rare.