Looking for information on renting out your main property just for the summer school holidays

I don’t know if anyone can help but I would like to know if it is possible to rent out your main property just for the summer school holidays. We will be staying in Italy for June, July, Aug next year and wondered if it is possible to rent the house out. (4bed,2SDB+pool).
I thought to do it via ‘leboncoin’ and we have someone who would do the changeover.
My questions are

  1. Is it possible.
  2. How do I declare it for tax
  3. Do I need to register as a gite or something else or just inform the Mairie.
    Hope someone can give me some pointers

I believe if you are renting your main home for less than 4 months a year then you are exonerated from declaring it at the Marie. Information here…

You would be a LMNP - louer meublé non professional - and I think the tax position will be quite straightforward as you can just fill in a few boxes on your tax form for regime micro. Here is the link to the tax info (we have two rental properties, so we do it slightly differently so can’t give you exact advice) and it is the paras re regime micro.

What I don’t know is what the position might be with taxe de séjour if that is applicable in your area. But easy to ask your local tourist office.

Be a touch careful with scammers on le bon coin, although many people use it successfully for gîtes, and make sure you get a signed contract and a deposit from your renters.

Thank you Jane for giving me some pointers and a direction to follow:smiley:

You might want to take a look at this thread @lisacorrina