Sete and Agde, Languedoc

One part of France I try and visit at least twice a year is the Languedoc area in the South of France. I love the Spring and summer weather down on the South coast and with the vineyards, beaches and local villages which I drive around and see. It is like visiting old friends now when going to many of these places.

Sete - is a lovely little town and with a waterway going through its heart, making for a very scenic location. The beach of Sete on the coast is also quite relaxing and provides lovedlty beach walks.

Agde - I love going also to the naturist resort Cap d'Agde each summer with my wife. With many French people as I am told, there is a certain enigma about the resort, but thousands of French, British, Australian, American and people from countries worldwide do visit each summer.

What makes the Langeudoc area also pretty handy is the closeness to the Spanish border, given that i do love also to pop down to Barcelona for a few days each year.

If you have never been to the Languedoc area I recommend popping down if you have the chance. Flights into Beziers or Montpellier should suffice or you can come down by train.

Now that guy John has got a very nice boat!!!


this one floats ;-)

and is fun once there’s a breeze…!

A boat features in our plans too but hopefully with more success than my last big sailing adventure - I ended up shipwrecked in the Bahamas - at least the water was warm!

See you on the boat too then Tracy ;-) we would have loved to move down there too but couldn't find the right business (read the right business at the right price!) and have finally found (deal agreed, compromis de vente next week if all goes well) just down the road in the Tarn so OH stays well within an hour of all her family. But it means Marseillan is still 3 hours (2.5 if I push it) away :-(

We love the area, it's part of our future plans. Many years ago I spent the summer working at Vias, while my husband spent his summers not far from Marseillian - and really sad but now we return with the kids every summer so that we can pack them off to the kids club for two blissful hours every day while we actually get to read a book by the pool. Then in the evenings we get to sit in the bar while they are further entertained by the kids entertainment - heaven!

Our dreams of continuing to travel to far flung places as soon as they could carry a rucsac have been brought down to earth with a bump. Who realised that kids cost so much and wear you out so much on holiday?

argh no that sounds more reasonable!

hahaha I was thinking just you and me . lol

now there's an idea, but be warned, with 3 and 4.5 year olds in tow a picnic is anything but a picnic!

Must meet up when your down Andrew....go for a picnic?

Something really nice about the out of the way moorings I love the iffy bit in Sète by the canal there... I used to moor in Lechlade, upstream was lovley... like the traffic and loads of Parrots

Yes Ron, Cap is great as the boats are guarded and there are showers and everything else as with other pleasure ports - I don't have any of that but I park my car next to the boat on the canal du midi, I built my own pontoon, after the mafia like system of introductions to get a space!, but I can't leave the outboard on the boat as it'd be half inched within hours! but I'm out on the étang de thau in 5 min ;-)

@ Andrew Hearne I'm sure you have made the right choice Andrew, mooring wise.. I did know a couple who moored au Cap though and lived aboard all year on the 3 master... nice.... if a little chilly

( sorry James )

Yea, it was a nice house.....

we love Marsellian, and often go there in the Summer... the house we nearly bought had a Pool...ah well I do have friends there

Nice place but way too expensive Ron, 1500€ min per year, I prefer Marseillan for the reasons you've given, it doesn't go dead in the winter and I never have a problem getting to the boat easily in summer (traffic jams into the cap...!) As for the development, it's simply that it's the region of france where the population is growing the fastest with sooo many new people pouring in each month:

Unfortunately the down side is that the region is way up there with the worst criminality and related problems too :-(

I does amaze me how much inward and Municipal/ Civil investment is being made in the Region...the massive expansion of Sète, lots of Building in Agde commercial and residential, and in Cap D'Agde they've just finished doubling the size of the Port Promenade.... nice place to keep a boat Andrew!!!

stayed in a Hotel there 2 years back as a Christmas treat... the atmosphere was wonderful in the village...The Cap is pretty dead at that time, a bit soul-less.

Yep, la luna is my favourite for great pizza ;-)

Hi Suzanne Fitzgerald Marseillan is lovely, 'nearly' bought there a few years back, some great Restos too.