Setting up a new virement on a CA account online?

I have what I can only describe as a “normal” bank account with CA - local branch plus online.
One of the things that frustrates me is that I cannot (seemingly) set up a new virement online as I would be able to do with a UK bank account.
So at the moment the only virements I have are between my own current account and a couple of my savings products.
Some years back OH and I asked the branch manager if we could have mutual virements between our two accounts so we could move money backwards and forwards between ourselves. Heaven only knows what she did for us but for 10 days we could not access our own accounts and at the end we still didn’t have the virements!!! So I’ve never dared disturb the status quo since. However, for the future I’m hoping we will have European guests in our gite which means I need to be able to reimburse their security deposit at the end of the holiday - once I have checked all is well. So this issue of getting the facility to set up a new virement online is becoming an issue.
Our current guests, who leave this coming Saturday I’ll just pay them cash as they leave, but I prefer to be able to wait a day or so to make sure all is well - especially important at the moment as I won’t be going back into the cottage for at least 48 hours after they’ve gone.
Can anyone advise me please what do I need to do/say to CA to get this sorted - thanks.

One solution would be to set up a transferwise borderless account. It is easy to set up the account and very easy to make payments from it. And you can use your bank card to transfer funds from your ca account to your borderless account. I did that for the same reason to bypass setting up payees on my ca account and it worked perfectly.
Do not forget to declare the account on your next tax return.

We’ve never had a problem setting up a new transfer recipient with CA, as long as you have the IBAN details of the account you want to transfer to it should be a case of simply submitting all the info and wait for CA to send you a text with a code number which you then put in the relevant box and that should be that.

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I should have said, this was for transfers to non French accounts which required intervention from ca staff.

I’ve found that a phone call to my account manager sorts the issue out in a day or less.
BTW - I am with CA’s Britline - don’t know whether that makes a difference.

It is super simple, you say transfer my account to the Sociéte Générale please.


We do virements all the time with our CA account - and during confinement did so for plumber, electrician, you name it. It takes 24 hours for french ones to go live, and 48 hours for international ones.

Too late now as just about to cook, but I’ll look tomorrow at which screen we use as the starting point.

Thanks Jane, because I’ve found nothing on any of my screens that permits me to set up a new virement.

I think it might Nigel

Hi Tim, the IBAN isn’t the problem, it’s the submitting the info. How? Where?

I set up a virements to French accounts on the (nord midi-pyrénées) CA website. Once logged into “mon espace”, you click “effectuer un virement”, then click"+ ajouter un bénéficiaire. This only works for French IBANs. For comptes étrangers I used to go to my branch to get them to add the beneficiaire but recently discovered that you can contact a conseiller who can do it for you over the phone.

Are there fees charged by CA when you set up a virement to a foreign account ???


Hi Fleur, thanks for this, but when I click on “effectuer un virement” there is nowhere I can see that says “ajouter un bénéficiaire”. Where is it on your page? See below …

For comptes étrangers I used to go to my branch to get them to add the beneficiaire but recently discovered that you can contact a conseiller who can do it for you over the phone. I despair!!! What century are they in?

I wonder how many others have tapped into the CA page… mine definitely gives me the opportunity to add another account… on the rhside…

you seem to be missing the link… :frowning:

Thanks for the info Geoffrey. I’ve used Transferwise for years to move my £ from the UK to France but never thought about it in the current situation. I’ll talk to them tomorrow about this. Seems much easier than messing around with CA staff having to do an international virement for me - that’s just crazy!

Is that me Stella, or my bank account??? :grinning:

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Thanks Geoffrey. Absolutely what I need. Just had a very useful discussion with Transferwise and it completely bypasses the inefficiencies of CA. :grin:

On the right. But my page is not quite the same as yours!