Sexuality - Who Cares!

A LibDem MP has just announced to the world that she is now ‘pansexual’. She is also considering running for party leader but this announcement might hurt her chances of success. In the 21st century is someone’s sexuality really that important?

Not to me it isn’t… :upside_down_face: and never has been. :hugs:

I think it is important that folk come across as decent and honest, albeit fallible :wink: … their sexuality is their business, not mine.


Apparently it is, as she felt the need to announce it to everyone? …Which in todays supposedly enlightened, PC and accepting society it seems strange that such statements are necessary…I really couldn’t give a monkeys who she fancies or has sex with and do not wish or need to know such details.


I would be more tempted to vote for someone who is openly out ,than for other people because that shows a degree of honesty that is lacking in other people

I would vote for the person I felt could best fulfill whatever role… regardless of sexuality … I do not feel it necessary to make public what is essentially private information (and is not illegal in any way).

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My only issue with people’s sexuality is deviant sexuality, ie paedophiles and rapists. So I prefer gender-blind as a description, rather than pansexual. ‘Pan’ comes from the greek everything/all so could include all ages as well as all genders.

It’s certainly never made a difference to my attitude towards anyone and none of my gay friends have ever mentioned being discriminated against over the years, though there must have been some bumps along the way. Though to this old fart there seems to new gayness industry brewing. In my day one was gay or straight or a bit gay or a bit straight but now there are more categories and flavours than I can keep up with. I’m all in favour of diversity but I think were getting to a “make up you own sexuality stage”, which is fine, once we don’t have to provide public toilets for each and every category. I’m off now to iron my pink leather posing pouch.


I was a bit concerned that she had a fetish for saucepans!

I have to admit I have given our Le Creuset set the odd admiring glance but it has never progressed any further due to a lack of reciprocal response!


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but why does everyone non- hetero feel they have to have a “label” (LGBTQ, maybe now P etc)?

Should be a + as well

I’m so behind the times :astonished::astonished::joy:

Is that what the “T” stands for then?

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Funny how the past can come back to haunt you…I moved out of Suffolk in the early 90’s


Quote (from “Suffolk Gazette”): "Bishop was found with his trousers round his ankles etc etc… " :scream:

It’s alarming news for the Bishop community too. They always get a bashing. :slightly_frowning_face:

But I’m not disposed myself to feel for them.

I needed a good laugh today… and this link is hilarious… cheers Bob. :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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My work here is done Stella :slightly_smiling_face:


l agree it’s nobody’s business but her own, but rather fancy the press were doing their usual meddling among family and friends. A sad state of affairs.


“…but this announcement might hurt her chances of success. In the 21st century is someone’s sexuality really that important?”
Doesn’t the first part of this quote illustrate that it may well be important, even now ?

I had hoped, Stella, that my end-of-the-pier bishop-bashing gag might have raised a laugh, but it looks as though it didn’t stand up, and was actually a bit limp.

Am I losing my touch, or perhaps I never had one? :thinking::slightly_frowning_face: