SF Discussions - Why can't we all get on a little better?


(Mat Davies) #21

@james I would agree and I was going to drop you a pm last week as there appear to be a couple of people who simply “wouldn’t let it lie”.

It is fine to have a discussion and an opinion but by keeping going backwards and forwards does not reflect well on the individuals concerned.

In the future if you sense pointless arguing I don’t know if you would consider sending a pm to the individuals as a direct reminder of the essence of this forum as some of the recent threads have been quite off-putting.

(anon88888878) #22

Mat, or anyone else - can I just ask - am I one of those people? Please be honest.

(Ann Coe) #23

I agree with you Mandy, I am also not responding on some posts because the ‘feed back’ can be quite vitriolic. I don’t want to be drawn into all that blah blah that seems to turn round and round.
We are all different and of course all have our opinions but I don’t need the aggro !:thinking:

(anon88888878) #24

Hi Ann - can you give an example of vitriolic feedback please? I’m trying to establish if I’m a pain in the ars* - that’s all :slight_smile: I think if we really all were at a dinner party together then we’d be more honest. I suppose I need to know if I should ‘go home’ ?

(anon64861675) #25

Simon that’s a genuine request for feedback coming from an authentic part of your psyche. No-one could ask more of you than that IMO.

(Timothy Cole) #26

I think forums and social media such as Facebook embolden people to say things that they ordinarliy wouldn’t say if they were either face to face with someone or at a social gathering.

(Chris Kite) #27

Assuming we know what vitriol is, it is self evident in some discussions. No need to regurgitate it again here is there? Some people are more sensitive than others. An understanding of those sensitivities might help.

(anon88888878) #28

My apologies - I’m struggling to do this very well - I simply want to know if I’m one of the people the original post is aimed at. Do I upset people on SFN?

(Timothy Cole) #29

But would you really want to know the answer Simon?

I know I annoy people, I’ve been doing it since birth!:grinning:

(anon88888878) #30

Absolutely yes Tim - I know it may not be important to anyone else but it really is to me.

(Chris Kite) #31

Why? If I was annoying people, I reckon I’d know I was doing it!

(anon88888878) #32

Chris - I asked if I upset people on SFN but I can’t seem to get a straight answer…

(Mat Davies) #33

Simon - that has certainly put me on the spot and I did leave myself open to it.

it is interesting that you ask and it possibly suggests that you consider you may have posted comments such as those suggested by @james.

As requested I will be honest - I think you have had the occasional “spat” of what comes across as an argument with others on here - yes I know it takes two to Tango etc.

I cannot see the point in repeated replies to an individual if the discussion is not progressing in a positive way, it just seems to be a waste of precious time.

I want this forum to be s source of information and I normally find it very useful particularly as we are pretty early on with our French journey so we tend to be novices I just about every aspect.

As a very brief example - we are currently considering what to do about cars for a permanent move to France LHD/RHD/import/registration etc and I am very keen to read every post that is made so I rather sadly I get quite excited when someone posts on this topic - unfortunately many of the posts seem to be bickering - I am not saying that these are your posts but there does appear to be too many.

(Chris Kite) #34

We could have a poll…
What would anyone gain from such knowledge?

(anon88888878) #35

OK - thanks Mat - I appreciate your honesty. A very dear work colleague of mine once told me that feedback is a gift - I know it to be true and we should all ask for more of it - even if it’s hard to swallow!! Thanks again :slight_smile:

PS - as for the car - sell up in the uk, buy locally and save yourself all the hassle :wink:

(James Higginson) #36

Great conversation going on here, this is the kind of discourse we all benefit from. Keep it up you lovely people :hugs:

(Chris Kite) #37

Mat has summed it up really. I imagine that a lot of people are here looking for good information on a particular subject. If they find it, and the discussion ends up in a point scoring cul de sac no one wins.

(anon88888878) #38

‘Anyone’ would know whether to hang around or not…

(James Higginson) #39

We have a poll function, use it! :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #40

Simon, my comment is not aimed at you. I’ll say it again… if I was upsetting people I’d know.