SF Discussions - Why can't we all get on a little better?


(John Withall) #81

Many will have a strong presence in france and likely a strong thought on the EU. you won’t have many non interested in france & the EU, which is what happened over night in the UK. But lets see.

(Carol Lokocki) #82

@James Why can’t we get on a little better. Thank you, merci, gracias, James for bringing up this delicate subject that i do not understand at all .What members say hidden behind a screen in their own home I am certain that they wouldn’t say the same in front of the person who they address their words too online.
After all, we are here to enjoy a space of time with the expats or immigrants as you wish to call them.
So good luck for the future of Survive France as it is today.:hugs::smile::laughing:

(John Withall) #83

That’s not actually true for me, if someone were talking nonsense I would be honest enough to tell them unless they had a gun or a knife. Some would say things behind their backs, is that better as that’s how cliques seem to form and that is playground behavior.

(Barbara Deane) #84

Some of my posts have lasted the test of time.
I suppose they have kept you amused and I have given
back as good as I got…really…retaliation is very rarely
None of you are saints…that is me being honest again.
There has been a lot of "I say black and you say white"
And never the 2 will agree.

(Timothy Cole) #85

Well I am a saint, have got my own day celebrated by many and appear in the New Testament (1 Timothy and 2 Timothy). Beat that Babs!:grinning:

(Barbara Deane) #86

Nothing to beat…
There is no competition.

(Véronique Langlands) #87

No problem!

(James Higginson) #88

Good with me :slight_smile:

(Catharine Higginson) #89

This is a very interesting thread. For what it’s worth, having been involved with forums and especially SF for some time now, as well as having a fairly visible online presence, I’ve noticed the following:

There is generally a spike in unpleasantness around apero hour.
The weather does also have an impact. I guess this is entirely understandable, prolonged periods of miserable weather get us all down.
Women tend to get far more abuse online than men (not talking about SF here) and the perpetrators of online abuse are generally middle aged white men (sorry boys!) - this last one isn’t just my opinion, heaps of articles have drawn the same conclusion.

We do try to stop any nastiness before it starts but wonderful though our admin team is (!), we can’t be everywhere all the time, so please, please, please, if you are unhappy, don’t suffer in silence, let us know and we will take action.

One of the reasons we started SF was that we were sick and tired of people being nasty to each other on other forums and we don’t intend to let it go the same way!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

(anon22734253) #90

I often look at the discussions but rarely join in for this very reason! It’s like everyone thinks they’re right and no-one else has alternative views/experiences.

(Ann Coe) #91

Fine by me :slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #92

Well Catharine around Apero hour and the rest of the day
I am drinking San Pellegrino or coffee…and I am not a middle
aged white man.

(Carol Lokocki) #93

@ Barbara of course we are not saints luckily for us , we would have big heads if we thought so.
I will follow up after Tims biblical quote he is a saint saint timothy 1 /Timothy 2.
But we can try and be saints sorry it is the Careme; No offense meant of course.

(Carol Lokocki) #94

@Catherine the boss, well said Catharine, think twice before you write.

(Ann Coe) #95

Thank you Mark, I was looking for a button among all the symbols at the bottom … duh, another senior moment :blush:

(John Withall) #96

Never having been on many mixed race forums I couldn’t comment but on predominantly white middle class slightly over middle age forums it does seem the pattern and it’s cocks in the farmyard or a pissing competition. Who else could it be on the forums we frequent.

(Catharine Higginson) #97

I’m not just talking about forums btw - twitter, comments on online articles etc.

(Lynne ENDERSBY) #98

for me personally I get quite annoyed where if someone is expressing maybe a negative opinion about something here in France they are immediately pounced upon by members who tell them in not polite terms to go back to where they came from - I mean, really!!!

(Sandra Shadrach) #99

As a relative ‘newcomer’ to this forum, I am impressed at how it is monitored, not just by those running it, but by many of the participants. You are generally a very nice, polite, and knowledgeable bunch… thank you.

Some other forums are quite the opposite. We have friends who are planning to move to Malta, and I searched in our old friend ‘Google’ to see what life had in store for them. I came across one forum that was initially informative, but in a completely bizarre twist, the language and sentiments deteriorated ending up in the gutter and below. I am not a sensitive soul by and large, but heavens, if that is how people in Malta behave, I am glad we chose France!

(anon88981270) #100

There was a spate recently (when talking about FE closing) here and on another couple of forums where people were quoting what others had said on other forums. I found that really creepy and offputting, that someone would go to the trouble of stalking someone in that way in the first place, never mind try to cause trouble by cross posting their posts.