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(Ann Coe) #61

It’s getting late, I have had a glass of red wine to avoid going to the dentist. How (in simple terms) do I vote ?

(Mark Robbins) #62

Just click on the appropriate button

(Peter Bird) #63

Uss Narfork peeple tork northin liek thaat , s’pose ewer frorm tha parsh bitt ole cark ?

(Barbara Deane) #64

No wine last night or thoughts about a North London or Norfolk accent.
Spent the day getting to know a beautiful looking fluffy cat who recently turned
up here.
Took it to the vets and what seemed like a pregnancy was a massive tumour.
The vet suggested putting him to sleep but apparently he was not in pain so
we will keep him happy, warm and fed until it is time for him to leave.
Around midnight J discovered a wondering hedge hog so we invited him into
the house to continue his hibernation period.
So I was not fully in tune with your conversation which was aimed at me.
Yes I have had my moments of being sharp and defensive.
But there have been a number of times when other SF have decided to judge me
or my suggestions and to question my stories…my true stories.
However although I cherish my past I certainly live in the here and now.
Happy to leave you to your dinner party.

(Ray Rampton) #65

Hi Ann,
re “At the end of the day we are all immigrants here”, not quite.
Some of us are still trying to achieve that status :slight_smile: This means that we need to get good accurate info to help us with our plans. Chris and Martin’s point is valid that when searching for info, a p1ssing contest is of no help, yet, at the same time ‘bad info’ needs to be corrected but maybe there are better ways to close these contests. Personally, I prefer a ‘pro’s cons’ scorecard and then I can weigh up all facts and decide, then set my plan and execute it.

As an aside, I’m grateful for all of the knowledge and experience shared - thanks to all those who contribute.

(John Withall) #66

Ha ha Ray, There was a pros and cons scorecard for Brexit, what won that?

(stella wood) #67

I just wonder if it might be useful after reading a post… to go away…and come back… before replying/responding.

Particularly if the post seems to “touch a nerve”.

Taking a moment to re-read… perhaps only then, we notice the smiles/winks or whatever… that can transform a harsh or unwelcome phrase into a subtle/gentle joke…

I’ve seen this knee-jerk reaction several times (not always the same person)… and have sometimes watched the whole thread collapse into a slanging match as a result.

(John Withall) #68

Even more important if one has had a drink.

(David Martin) #69

The thing that changed the way I use forums was when I changed from from using a laptop to using a tablet. In the old days I would check forums when the laptop was up and running and that was when it was being used for something else. With the tablet it’s different. The tablet is always live and it is so easy to check and reply to the latest posts without being glued to the forum. I’m sure that the way I respond to some posts has changed as a result.
SFR has by far the best interface for tablet and phone users of all the forums I use.

(anon88888878) #70

Now then I’ve just had an idea :-:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Anyone up for an (anonymous of course) SFN Brexit poll and if so what would the questions be? I suggest keeping it short and snappy - maybe something along the lines of:

I Vote/d YES to STAY in the EU- French Resident (I’m a Remainer)

I Vote/d YES to STAY in the EU - Not French Resident (I’m a Remainer)

I Vote/d NO to LEAVE the EU - French Resident (I’m a Leaver)

I Vote/d NO to LEAVE the EU - Not French Resident (I’m a Leaver)

and…the bonus question…

I Changed My Mind Since 23 June 2016 (Referndum Day)

Go on - shall we - I’ll put it up as a stand-alone thread / poll ??? :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mark Robbins) #71

Go for it

(anon88888878) #72

@james @smwsplr @vero - anyone mind if I put up the Brexit poll?

(stella wood) #73

Don’t mind me… :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(John Withall) #74

I would say the result would be a little biased? but if it makes yer happy

(Ray Rampton) #75

Hi John, was that the pro’s and con’s scorecard that was painted on the side of the big red bus? :wink:
Not entirely sure that was a balanced table of decision points.

(John Withall) #76

It was in quite a few newspapers to. All I know is there are logical and emotional decisions and some defy all sense. :roll_eyes:

(anon88888878) #77

Really? - How come ?

(David Martin) #78

You need four choices. If you’re splitting the leavers into resident and non resident you need to do the same for the remainers.

(anon88888878) #79

Good point David - thanks! (edited!)

(stella wood) #80

I hope everyone is re-reading before replying…:zipper_mouth_face: