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(David Martin) #141

I once asked a Dutch colleague why she didn’t ever speak to another Dutch colleague in Dutch as even when they were conversing privately they spoke English. Her answer was, We speak English because Abi can’t speak Dutch, she comes from Limburg. The Dutch Provence of Limburg borders Germany and both French speaking and Flemish speaking parts of Belgium and its local dialect can be interesting at times but to anyone else they speak Dutch there.

(Barbara Deane) #142

She tells her husband that he took the wrong route to Arcachon and that he
should have known that it would be a bouchon.
Or that the gate should have been closed otherwise the dog may run onto the road.
But I think that he closes his ears!

(Carol Lokocki) #143

@Barbara She tells her husband that he took the wrong road to Arcachon and that he should have known that it would be a Bouchon. Well, Barbara, you would think it was myself and a lot of other females telling their husbands do this and do that. For me it is a feminine attitude :thinking:.Right or wrong?

(Carol Lokocki) #144

@Barbara So sorry Barbara I didn’t realize to be dyslexic:: was so difficult, one of my granddaughters: is dysprasique but today there are lots of possibilities to help children with handicaps.:hugs:

(Barbara Deane) #145

There are many types of dyslexia.
But it is really not the end of the world.

(Terry Williams) #146

Hey, someone who really speaks double-dutch, David.:grin:

(David Martin) #147

I was going to say the same myself. As it is I find single Dutch impossible. It’s reasonably easy to read because it’s similar to German but speaking and understanding it is beyond me. Luckily they really are a nation of English speakers.

(Véronique Langlands) #148

Hahaha I speak Dutch after a fashion and have often been asked if I am from Limburg!! Not if am foreign though because a European foreigner learning Dutch is clearly beyond anyone’s imaginative powers.

(stella wood) #149

Oddly enough… in conversation with strangers, I nearly always apologise at some point for my accent… whereupon they ask me if I am Dutch … very rarely does anyone suggest I am English… bizarre. :thinking::upside_down_face::wink:

(David Martin) #150

In Germany I was often asked if I was a Belgian.

(Véronique Langlands) #151

Say par sker lay nay air lon day parl fron say :laughing:

(Barbara Deane) #152

Some times you can come across people who speak treble Dutch…the, I think there can be

(Dan Wood) #153

Your response to Peter in the current thread from James seeking donations is a very good example of your ‘vitriolic’ feedback.

Just Sayin’

(Simon Armstrong) #154