SFN Hall of Fame

Bet you didn't realise you were in such distinguished company. The following are all members of SFN who have famous namesakes.

Alan Taylor – Film Director

Alex Ferguson – Manager Manchester United

Andrew Gray – Andy Gray – Ex Scottish football international

Bob Carlyle-Price – Robert Carlyle – Actor

Bob Bird – Ex Scottish News of the World Editor

Bob Williams – Robbie Williams – Singer

Catherine Parr – 16th Century Queen of England

Catherine Tate – Actress

Chris Reeves – Christopher Reeves – Superman

David Atherton – Conductor London Symphony Orchestra

David Bellamy – Natural history expert

David Jones – Deep sea locker attendant

Elaine Murray – Member of the Scottish Parliament

Gordon Brown – Ex UK PM

Jenifer Gray – (Grey) – Dirty Dancer with Patrick Swayzee

Jerry Kyle – TV game show host

John Adams – Former Vice President of the USA

John F. Kennedy – Former President of the USA

John West – Skipjack Tuna fame

Jon Allen – Brilliant Songster

Jonathan Davies – Probably the best centre Wales has ever seen

Ken(ny) - Ball - Including all of his jazzmen (B. Milne)

Kevin Wilson – Australian stand up comedian

Martin Jarvis – Actor and Writer

Nick Platt – Coronation Street ???

Peter Egan – Actor

Richard Hill – Former England scrum-half

Sammie (Sam) Brown – Singer

Stan Smith – Tennisman

Tom Collins – Cocktail

Thomas Hughes – Author

Trevor Howard – Actor

Now, if I’ve missed anyone, or you think your name should be up here (Ann Ford – for example) please don’t hesitate to add to the list.

And if you are the famous person, let us know.

I can't say anything for myself (except, look up Holly Hill and you'll find an author and everything from neighborhoods to cities--I actually graduated in Daytona Beach, Fl. right next to Holly Hill, Fl. I had a DJ say my name on the radio because of it) but my father was Benny Hill, my aunt is Nita Hill (remember Clarence Thomas?), and I have an uncle named Don Johnson...

Since we last did this, are there any new Hall of Famers"?

That's a twitter feed from @gin O clock - the queen ;)

Text from Catherine: "Bloody sodding Italians!" One knows how she feels.

No Nick...the price of the story books and the one off art hideously expensive....no idea why...but you are right that they are popular in France...

Don’t suppose you’d consider including me? After all, I am a leg end in my own lunchtime ( at least, I am in my own head!).

Sheila was a very popular singer in France, but you lose it a bit on the surname. She didn't have one, and you have two.

The closest I can come is that I share the same first name as Sheila of the duo "Sheila et Ringo", so I suppose that doesn't count. We had never heard of this duo when we came here, and were somewhat mystified at first when some of our French friends, introducing us to others, would crack up laughing and refer to Henry as Ringo.



Get them all together with Brian English too

Hey Catharine, I ought to introduce you to people who were in the next building to me in Cambridge who were considered almost a tourist item. They are a couple too. Tony Ireland and Annette Scott!


Hrmm, Hrrm, I mean, thank you ma'am.

Please do my man, my daughter did go to school with some of them and I count amongst my friends the Prince's ex music teacher, (shouldn't call her old should I?) does that help?

Can we include you in the hall of fame then ?

I'm curtseying as we speak.

and lots of my friends have always called me Kate ;)

You have no idea how many times, as Mrs Wales I've dissapointed taxi drivers in the south of London ;)

Bob Wilson went on to be a commentator then sportsdesk man for the BEEB, so yes...

Well let's have them both up there then - cor we do move with the hoy poloy (sp)?