SFN is changing - can you help?

The Survive France Network website is currently undergoing redevelopment. In a few weeks a brand new site will replace the current platform.

At this stage I would like to invite suggestions for improvement. Are there features that you would like to see, or see removed? Can you show me examples of other sites that you love? Is the site too confusing for newcomers?

Would you like to see classified ads for example, perhaps a dating section or specific features that you think would be useful?

Please let me know, anything at all, SFN is your community and we need your input to improve it!



(Community Manager)

Oh, I forgot to mention it would be nice if we had the name of our town/city, AND department by our name/photo, so people wouldn't have to ask, or search, or mention where they are when posting a comment :D

Like Kit, I think SFN is a great site and very well organized. The only thing that could improve it in my eyes is a classified ads section.

I know that 'Le Bon Coin' is popular but it doesn't mean you can't do something along the same lines.

Oh James, I hope this isn't going to be a regular feature, like the persitent, so called upgrading of Windows ! Just javeing got used to navigating my way around 8.1...have signed up reluctantly for 10,,,but haven't bitten the bullet and installed it yet....

If it ain't really broke don't fix it....

I am eternally grateful that you created this site James. I have made a few acquaintances and this will help me when I move there to France.

I have 'friended' a few people I met here on facebook, for we agree that it's an easier format, no offense intended. I was gleeful to read this thread you posted. Specifics? Ah, that's where it gets tricky. I have tried to 'friend' people on this site, even one time putting in your name, and got, 'sorry, your search turned up nothing', or something to that effect. I even made sure I spelled it correctly, and mad sure I capitalized in all the right places, after several fruitless attempts I finally cut n pasted. That didn't even work. I remember yelling at the computer saying, 'He's just your creator you idiot!', LOL I forget how I finally swung it. Probably responding to one of your threads. So I find the facebook type of format easy to use, I especially like the 'private message' option, as well as the 'like', 'comment', and 'share' options when someone posts something.

I really appreciate all you have done, and continue to do for all of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this site, I'm sure it was a lot of hard work. And thank you for having the desire to make it even better.

All the best to you and your family :)

Yes you’re right in your 1st statement Doreen I don’t recall nuns using those words, however I do know SWALK, and you’re right, not what Peter or you now allude to! :-!

Sorry Liz, I just looked at your comment again, and think it could have been taken 1 of 2 ways, I just read it one way - not the way you intended, funny old thing the English language!

Unlike some other SITES
the reference was to how easy I find this site to navigate unlike some other SITES… I don’t post on other sites because they are often a pain to navigate and those sites have some folks making really unpleasant comments, do hope this doesn’t change here

Liz meant like some other 'sites' Shirley.

Liz means 'unlike some other sites' surely Shirley?? At least that is how I understood her comment.

Shame you felt it necessary to add “unlike some others” Liz, I wonder if you have any idea WHY some might not or don’t find it 'easy?

I wouldn't attempt CAPSTAN without a safety net nowadays Doreen !!!

(not to mention having the A&E on standby !!!)

Find the site easy to navigate and helpful, unlike some others…thank you for your hard work James

:slight_smile: glad the tips worked Sue.

Just looked by chance. Good news for me too. These little tips are great for me and I’ve written it down in case I forget next time. Haven’t tried my dance request yet Shirley as haven’t had time and I’m not coming to France for a while yet. But that was a great tip too! Best wishes. Sue

Could you two please advise me asap what these acronyms mean so I can include them in the putative list? I'm far too innocent to know such things. The furthest I got was SWALK and that was considered very daring back when! :-))

Sod it Doreen, we only live once, EGYPT !!

Do you prefer BURMA Doreen ?

:slight_smile: !!!

Great, thanks Doreen, I’m pleased you understand where I’m coming from!

Extra info for anyone, is that blue goes red on the iPad when I’ve clicked to reply,so I just click on red and yes reply box disappeared.

You just made my day! I learn something new every day and yes it worked! So that my good news for today!