SFN Lottery syndicate

Is this a good idea?

Or would it be a complete nightmare?



Would there be a load of paperwork to deal with for this to go ahead, do we need authorisation from some government body? Maybe I should ask Guillaume.

I think it’s a great idea but might be difficult to organise. Certainly a percentage should go to SFN for support especially if James does the organising. Count me in

missed this earlier - but I would be interested!

I like the idea too !

It could work…I think
But would take a hell of a lot of organising. You up for it?

I would happily come into a syndicate and pay a % to SFN. Even if we got 10 people paying 2 euros a week, our chances of winning something would be significantly improved and 2 euros a week is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things. I don’t really understand the form you’ve shown, it doesn’t look like the one I’ve filled in before. As you say some rules would need to be drafted - I found this with a quick google search.


I;d be interested in it, depending on how much. I get a lucky dip of three lines most weeks (when I rememeber) so fingers crossed for tonight…

Just one thing to point out - I organised a syndicate when I worked in London, when it first started - way back - and one person in the office made us sign a mandate to say that if we won (a lot - ha ha) we would not tell anyone, we could not resign for at least 6 months and could not tell anyone he was in our syndicate and had won as he was petrified someone would kidnap his child. Not that most of this applys here - but some of it might - re telling/going bonkers (I would) and spending like crazy till you are bored - me…!! might not want me in your group then :slight_smile:

Me too, maybe we should have pooled resources. Oh by the way it’s OK to form a syndicate but I think it needs to be formalised.

Yes of course! And I might even stop whining about how much it costs us to run!

Ah I want passive ones - hence the priceiness - is that even a word?

Good Luck J - if you win big though as a syndicate of 1 will you still run SFN???

I am in a syndicate of one, wish me luck :slight_smile:

You buy the wood, I’ll make them for a small fee.

Got it, thanks!

ah u have too much money Stuart if u don’t claim your winnings…ha ha

I end up putting it all back into their hands again whenever I win…one day I will have some decent windows xxx

P.S.I won last time I played and forgot to claim (all 14.80€)

That screen choses the numbers automatically for you James and it allows you to pick more than 5 numbers and more than two stars, giving you a greater chance of winning. You can do the same thing choosing the numbers yourself. The classic way of playing is just choosing 5 numbers and two stars. Again this can be done automatically or by choice. Those are the forst two screens when you click to play on the site. Any clearer?

I’m not sure I understand that - I thought you pick 5 numbers from 1-50 then 2 lucky star numbers between 1&9 for 2 euro a chance.

Surprising fact I read - not sure if true, you can be a newborn baby and buy a Euro Millions ticket legally in France (there is a no minimum age limit…those crazy gambling toddlers, eh?), whereas you have to be at least 16 years old in the UK and at least 18 years old in Spain if you want to buy a ticket.

I’m going to play tonight (euromillions), the prize fund is at 88,000,000 euros, can someone explain the various options available please?