SFN Lunch in Bordeaux

Who is coming?

The date is the 28th 25th September 2012 and this is the venue.

There is a very good reasonable priced lunchtime menu.

Thank you to Nola for the suggestion!

Please confirm attendance by posting below - thanks!

Did you know that there are a couple of Emmaus depots in Bx - one on the outskirts (a huge one) in Parempuyre and one in Nansouty?

Hi Catharine,

You are right, I did not notice the change of date for the luncheon as I had noted the date of the 28th already in my agenda. Thanks any ways for trying to contact me to let me know.

I do not always have the use of a car and sort of need to make arrangements ahead of time with my OH since he is car pooling with someone.

I would still like to go to the Emmaus in Pau but again have to make arrangements for the car. Last time on my way to join you in Pau, my car did not start after I had turned it off getting gas on the way finding out later that it was the starter. I am sure one of these days it will work out though :)

If you have a date already for your trip to Pau next month I could let you know if I can make it or not :)

Looking forward to the pre-xmas lunch :) x

And yes Barbara, I think a pre- xmas lunch is a good idea....

Hi Marianne

The date got changed about three weeks ago and as you commented after that had happened saying 'count me in' - I just assumed you'd noticed the change of date. I'm sooooo sorry! I went to try and call you and for some reason your number was no longer in my phone so a big fail all round on my part. :(

Hopefully we will see you at the next one - and in the meantime - if you fancy a Tuesday / Wed trip to Emmaus, just let me know as I will need to go back within the next month to buy horse feed which is close by. xx

yes I seem to have read at some point that you were meeting on the

28th and knew that I had clients arriving so could not be there.

But must admit when I knew that I could not make it ...did not think

too much about the subject.

Maybe you will get together for a pre Christmas celebration?

Mentioned this recently....but the idea is probably too premature.

I must have missed something? I thought the luncheon was on the 28th, Friday. Was the date changed?

Have a great time...

Hope to make it next time.

See you all later today!

I'll dash in proportionate to how late the train is... But see you then all.

Booked! 12 for 12.30...See you all there!

Did you already have me down? I'll be looking forward to meeting everyone.

Count me in :)

My flight got moved up by one day... I'll be in the air at that time. This lunch refuses to budge for me, sorry.

Just confirming - just me, no supervisor!

Final call diners - I will be booking tomorrow and going for the same place as last time. Any last minute joiners?

I don't mind - what do you think?

Where are we lunching?

Catharine - reflecting on a question about my OH's language skills yesterday, I thought it best to say to you that it will be just me in Bordeaux. Her indoors will have to do school pickup, then take one to speech therapist which means nobody else can pick them up. So just one pest!

Good thinking Catharine...also decided to use the same advertising as the Fairlight guy....a place called Sellme and they put it on Rightmove for him.....offering a swap...so will do both...thankyou for that idea...will have a go at a blog..