SFN Lunch in Bordeaux

Oh no! But you are quite right - Fairlight is beautiful but is disappearing at a rate of knots :(

If you are wanting to possibly house swap, why don't you write a blog post and we can put it on the FB page as there are potentially UK based readers who might be wanting to move to France?

Well.....really sorry to be missing this. We booked our flight back to UK....excited at this (mediocre house) but on the most amazing site in West Sussex...overlooking the sea...on a cliff...with 140ft of garden to the cliff drop edge.....once we had booked the flights...OH decided to look up the village where the house is situated...Fairlight..near Hastings. And Lo and Behold....the cliff erosion is the best example of disappearing land in the world...about 25metres a year....we would probably own the house for...maybe 5 years...before it fell into the sea!!!! the guy specifically said...laughingly in the advert....no erosion here...the sea doesnt even come close to the cliff...absolutly true as far as the sea is concerned...unfortunately....the cliff is eroding due to the fact its soft clay! grrrrhhhhh! so missing the lunch....having 9 days in the UK for an unexpected holiday now....decided to give the Fairlight property a miss! extra sorry now to miss you guys... maybe next time...

Oh heck, that might mean somebody of a quieter nature, for instance Mme Higginson, on the dodgy side.

Note to self: Sit on Brian's good side!

Yes, looks good to me.

As for asking the impossible! It would be a very fragile line in my case...

Looks fantastic Nola, and you had better make it! We have to meet face to face, and who is going to keep me and Brian in line?

I think I can do the Tuesday - the Camblanes resto is generally superb and the lunch menu is well priced and it is easy parking....

This is the Camblanes one: http://www.maison-du-fleuve.com/carte.php, otherwise we could go for a town centre one or one along the quais or or or. Tell me what you're after and I'll probably be able to suggest something. The renovated chateau on the quais is great but I think the food choices are limited but I could ask - lousy parking though.

Brilliant Natasha and sorry Brian and Carol. Will keep our fingers crossed for the house swap! x

Yes - thats still good for us.... count us in!

ahhhh...so sorry....we now cant make it. Will be flying to UK looking at a possible house swap in Sussex...its just come up and we have just booked the flights...will be sorry to miss you all....if we are still here...maybe next time around.

Sorry Catharine - that discounts us. The few days around there are busy and we have big birthday bash that day. Have fun anyway.

Count us in....thankyou...

Is the previously agreed venue not available?

Ok Tuesday it is then. Now we just need to decide on the venue! Nola!!!

If Sheila can do it, I can do it, so let's go for it.

No problem. We will be there on the Tuesday.

Might be easier because I don't have physio that day. Try to confirm quickly though cos OH's diary is filling fast.

I may be able to make Tuesday...

Would it cause absolute carnage if we made it Tuesday 25th instead? There is no way I can now come on the 28th and whilst I'm sure you will all still have fun without me, I was looking forward to meeting you all!

Really sorry we can't make it, will be in England for my brothe's wedding ,and a bout of grand- child sitting.

Will need some light relief when back from that lot!! Can we have another one soon after 9th October please?