SFN Radio show - we need your help!

Right folks.....we are now *drum roll* in the process of putting together the first SFN Radio show - exciting times!

But, to make the show absolutely fantastic, we are going to need your input.

First of all, if you have something you want to tell the world about (maybe an event?) post it here and we will aim to include it.

Secondly, I'm looking for people to interview. If you're knowledgeable about something and would like to chat to me about it, I'd love to hear from you. I'm not just looking for the usual financial and property experts, I'm thinking animal welfare, eco-building, published authors - basically I'm open to covering just about anything that will interest the listeners.

Thirdly, if you're a musician or know of an up and coming band, we're going to be playing and showcasing both new and existing bands, so get in touch!

And talking of music, if you want a request playing, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Last but very much not least, I'd also love to hear from people who'd be happy to supply some news from their local area. This can be as a one off or ideally, on a regular basis. Entirely up to you!

So do get involved. I'm afraid I won't be able to respond to everyone individually but if we can use your suggestions, comments, input, we will do so, or get in touch if we want to chat further.

Drop me a line in the comments box below and lets make the SFN Radio show a rip roaring success!


Hi Catherine,

I own the 3 borders informer online magazine covering NW France and am always looking for stories to put on. Also looking for a 'stills' photographer who would get free advertising for a monthly article and 5 shots. Life experiences in France, etc, etc. So if you wanted to and got a chance perhaps you could mention this after we had had a chat. thanks.

happy to chat about whatever you think I could help with :) Not sure how good my radio voice is though!

Can all those people who have said they would be happy to talk about something, please message me with their phone numbers, let me know if they are likely to be around tomorrow afternoon (not a prob if not) and tell me if they have skype and headsets 9 again not a problem - just need to know) . Thanks!!

I'd be happy to talk about my neighbouring Bio food association and how it has changed the way a lot of local people shop .

Sounds cool to me. Want anything on those of us who work in this children's/human right environment who do the real hands on research, evaluate NGO programme work and so on. It is the real human slant if you want it to show that SFN users are not just your run of the mill expats living in bourgoise complacency (oooh, what a bitch that Brian is!). It's on offer.

@ James...yes I'll use the webcam for a first tranche... need to have a shave first tho' lol

Think you might be right there Sheila... toying with the idea of doing this Acapulco style....If I can find me Sombrero!!! fancy joining in? getting that female 'tone' in Garageband makes me sound like a Dalek!!!

Ron, you're missing a diminished 7th in there.

Sound like a sensible approach Ron, looking forward to hearing it! Thanks

Jingle Hell Jingle Hell I tell you...Dylan never that this torment I've got

Ive Got: Radio SF NNNNNNN

Gbm Dm Dm A

..don't want to do a full production..if 'n it's not liked so I will MacCam it with moi en Gutarre...and Post it as vido ...If we get the thumbs up...I do the full George Martin. K?

Hi Catharine, I would be very happy to offer , on a regular basis if you like, some news on my local area, ie what the vigernonnes are doing, up and coming village festivals etc/ It is an excellent project, well done you two!! Thanks to you I have got some lovely friends in France xxx

I'd be happy to come on. Maybe talk about Americans moving to France or flights between UK and France. Jeff

Dear Mr. DJ please play Ball and Chain...as a tribute to the superlative song-writing skills of good ol' Swindon boy, me mate Andy Partridge...I shot this photo for Ken Ansell ( a former partner ) of Clinic fame...it was for Virgin..not many of those in the Swinetown Twenty...what???

For those interested in guitars, I bought this scrummy Yamaha SG1000 from Andy's former Bro-in-Law Rob Wyborne who also has a single out..Paid him a hundred squid, saw one on a vintage guitbox site last week three and a half grand!!! Carlos Santana swears by them ( sh*t meng ) great tool but so heavy you can't gig with them ( the guitars not Santana ) ...have I dropped enough names yet?

sorted: Key of A

AA DD A ...if that's all that's needed...video grab itunes?

Hi Gang!

ref: Jingling..I'm reet excited, I have my keyboards out already!!! I feel a ..." For Mash..get Smashed.." type of thing is the way forward. But unless it's set in stone I feel it should not be 'SFN Radio' ( audio/graphically ) but Radio SFN..as in 'Radio ES EF Ennnnnn' what file type should I send up for 'proofing'? ... haha you'll have Garage band! we could do a 'multi voice' thing .

@James...OMG!!!!!! love to thanks

( GarageBand ) ...Not an Opera..Just a Jingle..OMG

Ron, why not! Jingle away!

Suggested theme toon

You could have sections like Radio Ga Ga for the Biplahs

Radio Goo Goo for the Cooking group

Radio Bla Blah for the Boggers

Freddy Mercury RIP

Thanks everyone - some great stuff and will be in touch individually very soon. Thanks again and keep the ideas coming!