SFN Secret Santa

It's getting closer and closer to Noel and I wondered if anyone is interested in a little festive fun. I'm proposing to organise an 'SFN Secret Santa'. The limit would be 5 euro on a little gift and you'd need to make it lightweight as you'll have postage to pay on top.

If you are interested in taking part then please Private Message me with your address and I'll add you to the list. I need all names by 30th November please so that I can distribute out who is being Secret Santa to whom. Please note, I will not give your address out to everybody - only the person who is nominated to get your secret santa gift.

In case you are wondering...James & Catharine are on board with this activity and have asked me to co-ordinate for them.

So put your Christmas music on & don't forget drop me a private message on or before 30th November to join in the fun!

P.S. You may need to send me a friend request with your address if you haven't messaged me before.

Thank you to whoever sent James his FAB present - it was spot on (pun fully intended) as said gift was a floating disco lightball for the bath! And as we all know, James does like coloured lights....

But I haven't had mine yet. *Sniff*

So to whoever drew me, I'm not being rude, just haven't received it yet!

Well back from the UK and I had a present waiting. Thank you Santa as we had no other chocs in the house - just what the doctor ordered. :-)

My santa sent a lovely present. Thank you! But I especially liked the message and news that came with it and very much hope to meet in Marchl


Thank you Secret Santa! How did you know my ears don't like cold weather? A perfect gift. Merci

Thank you secret santa, its beautiful!

Thank you for my secret Santa - it's hanging on the tree and looks lovely.

Thank you Secret Santa. Since it is only Jerry and I this year (the kids, grandkids and other relatives are far away -- phone calls will have to suffice later today), we had decided to open our presents after today's special lunch. But the calls started earlier than expected so Katie's cooking has been delayed. Now, w

hile we are waiting for the food to cook, we decided to open our Secret Santa. The package has been poked and shaken numerous times since it arrived, and we were both really curious. Actually I think this was more important to us than the gifts we purchased for each other.

Suzanne, what a great idea this was! Thank you for coordinating.

And, to our Secret Santa (you know who you are), thank you.

Katie and Jerry Berard

Our spicy secret santa arrived in time (a great feat given where it came from!) and went under the tree - only unwrapped this morning. A very nice package and lovely explanation of the gift inside. Very nice that so much thought had gone into this secret santa pressie.

I've also really enjoyed reading all the messages about the secret santa and the obvious affect that it has had on all of us SFNers. People's responses, delight and involvement is a shining example of community. Happy to be involved.

Have a great rest of day and see you all in the New Year

George and Piers

Well Santa was that serendipity or have you done some research? My favourite presenter on a mouse mat - truly inspired! PLUS chcolates and a cocotte - you are a clever bargain hunter. Thank you so much and a Happy Christmas to all followers of SFN.

Thank you secret Santa, I received my present today and it got its place under my Christmas Tree.

Thank you Secret Santa - how wonderful to receive a parcel for myself and not only from Amazon for the children. It was a great idea, Suzanne!

I think I might have put my reply somewhere else on the page.... so sorry if this is a repeat! Thank you to Secret Santa. I DID open my present, and it turned out very well, as the goodies went on the tree! Lovely!

All these thank yous and I feel I am missing out as we had to come back to the UK. Still hopefully Santa will have something waiting for us when we return on the 29th!

Thank you Santa - parcels are under the tree. Also thank you Suzanne - it's a great idea.

Our Secret Santa arrived yesterday afternoon -- we decided to wait until Christmas to open it. But Tuesday is so far off -- maybe just a peak???? Thank you Secret Santa.

Thank you for my Secret Santa - which from the outside seems to be an empty box of matches! I will wait for the surprise on Christmas Day.

All this has really got me in the Christmas spirit - and that isn't usually easy to do for me, so thank you SFN secret santa!!

PS package arrived yesterday and remains unopened until Christmas day!!

Thanks (not so) Secret Santa!! I opened it in error as I was expecting a delivery of something else! But with a memory like mine, if I hide it, I will have forgotten about it by Tuesday and then I can open it again!! :-)

Thank you to my Secret Santa! Received the parcel today but not opened the present, after all it`s not Christmas yet!! Pleased to say that I sent my parel of to my chosen receiver yesterday!