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Afternoon been trying about 6 months and failed, have paid to get help from french spoken person, and still failed to get WIFI via SFR need phone line as well as house empty long time b4 we arrived. An engineer did arrive once in June but we didn’t know you had to prepare everything for them would have been better to have been told. Went to cancel am told by letter of course ! Went to start with Orange but SFR decided I could be connected and as have a sim we cancels orange and waited for SFR guess what NO show
Another phone call technical probs who believe anything they say
I am now going to try to cancel letter ready in French have to record it oh and we may have a cancellation fee how can that be we’ve had nothing from them other than a SIM card and we haven’t signed any mandates
If we succeed with this madness and incompetence is there a way to get WIFI we’re rural but have a lovely new mast behind us !! Frustrated from Reffuville


It may help if you read and act on the replies to your previous questions on this subject.

I sometimes find your posts confused and confusing. You are likely to receive a greater number of helpful replies if you spend some ensuring that your posts are clear, and provide accurate supporting information. I hope this helps you achieve success.


I agree with @Apiary. There is a lot of expertise on this forum and your previous thread had some suggestions that I think would help you.
It would also help us, and please don’t take this badly, if you reread your post and put in some punctuation before posting. It makes it difficult to read and understand it, as it is. :pray:


I’m out.
This member has now asked the same question 3 times in separate topics to my certain knowledge on SF and appears not to take any notice of helpful suggestions made in good faith.

Agreed. whole heartedly. There are a number of threads on SF where a question and answers to it develop the whole theme. It is totally unnecessary to keep asking basically the same question in new threads as people get tired of repeating the same answers which serves no useful purpose other than to suggest some level of disrespect for the effort made.
Quite happy for an OP to question responses I make to obtain further clarification but just ignoring posters and repeating the same question ad-nauseam is basically taking the piss!


A little empathy people…if she has no internet then probably working on a teeny, tiny phone screen. Which doesn’t help ensure perfection in punctuation, let alone proper spacing.

But yes, Karen do go back to your previous posts as look again at the replies to see if there are any you haven’t followed up that might actually be the solution you need.

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I am also working on a tiny phone screen… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs::bouquet:

Thanks Brian will do

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Noted check older threads and use grammar

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If you’re questions aren’t answered come back to us. Someone will find the answer in the end :hugs::pray:

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Ok, so read all threads , use best english and stop taking the piss its not up to scratch but thanks for the last bit of feedback. yes am on tiny mobile and only been waiting 6 weeks its been a stressful 2 months since arriving but ill muddle through .

Thank you for the feedback i will definitely give it a go however everything weve tried to accomplish so far has been an uphill strugle thanks.

I was mucked about by SFR when I moved to my last rental. They kept on saying they were working on my line to finally tell me, 3 months later, that they couldn’t provide the service. I ended up going with Orange but it was very expensive.
Fast forward 2 years when I bought my house, in the same village, one street away, and they had everything up and running in a week, on what was, essentially, a building site. 🤷🤦🏻‍♀️

If you get no joy and need a more ‘pushy’ letter, I’m happy to help. My French friends all ask me to do their official letters for them so it’s no trouble. :hugs:

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Yes weve had many excuses over the weeks had to get help getting €€ . We eventually started with Orange had a date collected box and SFR said they were coming again no show third time. Said our address was already in use !! Will send letter tomorrow and each day if necessary only problem no WiFi no printer more stress .

Many printers have bluetooth as well as wireless - it might be worth buying one as you’ll be able to print from your phone now using bluetooth and over wifi when you have everything set up.

Oo interesting i think ours is blue tooth ill give it a go thanks

Have you thought of just going mobile? Should be good speed with the mast just behind you No land line needed. Needs a modem/router box for Internet (Tplink), and a sim card (10 -15 euro/ mnth). Or you can use a smart phone as the router for your internet WiFi.

Evening thanks for the info all probably majes sense but loat on me sorry

Hi tried wireless to print on new hp printer and have downloaded the necessary app onto mobile to connect .
The mobile says its printing but it does not print?
Were told you dont need wifi to print but it is requested ?
We are looking at TP router as suggested . Do you know if my husbands SFR SIM will work in the router ? Does he have to take SIM out of mobile each time or can get signal ? Apologies my IT is as good as my French .

There were some good responses to using a data SIM in this topic you might want to scan through. I think @John_Scully takes that approach with a dedicated data SIM in his TP-Link router but to keep taking the SIM out of your husband’s mobile does not make sense to be honest.

From your recent posts I thought you did not yet have wifi at home. Are you thinking of the suggestion to use Bluetooth for printing?