Share your coat of Arms (Family crest)

My Family crests

fawcett_large (now)

fawsyde_large (14th century)


Really interesting and although knowing my immediate family roots and history…my coat of arms is something I haven’t really explored…first exploration came up with this and have followed through to Ireland so far…I guess it’s a key to my otherwise inexplicable love of Border Collies…and the connection I feel to the Emerald Isle…Interesting topic Harry… x :slight_smile:

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Many surnames are derived from occupations or Biblical names. There is no way that all the people who share surnames will be linked by anything but coincidence. A family of Wrights living elsewhere in Britain could well have obtained their family name from wheelwright or shipwright or whateverwright who lived wherever that family lived at the time.


yes its why i linked my origin surname, it does depend on how far back you have done your family tree to work out where your surname came from.

my family came from Fawsyde castle but its very grey area of more information but do know we were part of the nobility back then but there is little information.

Wow, forelock duly ‘tugged’ Me Ludd! :open_mouth:

That’s exactly why I started my post with many. Locations are also common, my neighbour’s surname shows that her ancestors came from a particular village about 29km away. My French relations have the same surname as a French royal family but no connections with royalty as their roots are in the wrong part of France.

yup for me ive backtracked to where I can but cannot get any more info before then as the information that came back is not conclusive

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It occurs to me from learning about lineage that there is disproportionate emphasis on the paternal line when it comes to names. Not a criticism as such, just an observation.

One thing we most definitely get from our mothers is our navel (belly button) and perhaps these could be included in the heraldic symbolism too?

My own surname is on several accounts of its origin probably mediaeval Norman, but my paternal forebears built schooners in North America in the late 1800s, and my great-great-grandmother was a mulatto woman from the Bahamas. I am very much of mongrel stock, and all the better for it, I think.


Def’ better for that Peter, close breeding is evident in quite a bit of ‘high society’, I have Welsh, Irish and Scottish and maybe unusually a good dash of Jewish, Mams Mam was Jewish, which I think would (theoretically) make me Jewish, pleased we won the War :+1:
Interesting about the shipbuilding, was that in Baltimore? :slightly_smiling_face:
Wonder if one of the schooners was the magnificent ‘Bluenose’?

Agree Bill, bit of healthy miscegenation makes for a strong stock, some claim, and my mother lived to 102 though the African genes were on my Dad 's side (ever wondered why all emojis are Caucasian whites?) Me, I’m (or was) a blue-eyed blonde :nauseated_face:

I think you are right about the schooner, there was a class of sea-going vessel called Goble schooners, and I think they were built in Baltimore, though it was a long time ago I searched it out. My paternal grandfather was one of six brothers who emigrated to the US, and the one who returned.

And mazel tov, almost forgot! :israel:

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They were lovely boats, used a lot for fishing the Grand Banks.
I, 'tis a bit non pc, no black emoji’s Peter, and Y Not?

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Gordon family:


Wolcott family (Samuel Wolcott)



Well I’ve found this,

The ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of England produced the name of Kite. It was given to a person who had acquired the nickname of the kite, which was originally derived from the Old English word cyta, which means wild and insatiable.

I am, of course, the total opposite😉


Basically Bill, in my opinion, white is the seen as the norm, everything else is errr… non-white and therefore a deviation from, or a deficiency of, the norm. By whites.

I may be wrong, but as the only white member of what some might described as a non-white family of five, it is what I have come to understand, and come to terms with.

The recent Windrush catastrophe is just the tip of an ugly iceberg. In Northęrn Europe, non-white people still encountěr racial discrimination on a daily basis; not usually overt aggression, but thousands of unwarranted assumptions about intelligence, compétence, trustworthiness, deservingness, attractiveness etc etc. If you had the same experience, you would feel the same pain, the same anger at its injustice, and its bland denial.

That’s why there are no non-White emojis.


“cyta, which means wild and insatiable…”

Thank God for that, I thought it might have something to do with an irritable bladder… :scream:

That’s why there are no non-White emojis.

I thought they were all yellow, chinese maybe?

Ironically the reason they are yellow is because its the easiest to see the faces on. change the colour to white its just a pencil draw and too bright, blue green orange etc many of the features are distorted. I’m too lazy today to search for the stuff on google but that is the general gist of it.

Also based on a study (ive just read it) yellow is a fun colour.

Funny thing isn’t it…the population of Europe accounts for less than 10% of the total World population and yet, we think we’re so bloody important (or some do!) :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know that my paternal grandmother came from Sussex and was a parson’s daughter. My cousins, who had a lot more money than us, many years ago paid to have our family tree researched. Somewhere along the line we are related to the Dukes of Rutland, but then I suspect most of us are related to nobility along the way. Didn’t change our life, still haven’t got a lot of money, haven’t received an invite to the wedding but am content to be myself :hugs:
According to google this is our crest, our cousins had one painted on their car (pretentious) they were in the landscaping business, don’t know if it was this one as I was too young to remember or care !