Share your pet photos!


(Ann Coe) #164

That is so lovely…have you noticed that it’s the cats who have bagged places nearest that lovely fire, great that they have let the dog have a small space ! :smirk_cat:

(Véronique Langlands) #165

(Mark Robbins) #166

The dog (Syd) knows who the boss is (ginger Roger), and knows his place.!

(Ann Coe) #167

Ahhh, what a cutie ! :smiley_cat:

(David Wren) #168

Coco in Normandy last Autumn

(Lily Stevens) #169

My puss in boots left me last year for Rainbow Bridge:sob:

(Lily Stevens) #170

His brother left us two years ago :sob:
Such magnificent whiskers!

(Lily Stevens) #171

He looks just like the one that arrived at our house about six weeks ago!

(Ann Coe) #172

Always so very sad to lose a beloved pet :cry:

(Lily Stevens) #173

He is gorgeous.