Shortages of everything

Just about everything I go to buy these days is in short supply, UK supermarkets running short on this and that, builders merchants, tech supplies. Is it a similar picture in France?

The only thing in excess in the UK is BS and empty promisses. :sob:

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Hmm. Mustard is in short supply but that’s the only one I can think of.


My list would go on and on, from staples in the grocery dept to lots of things in builders merchants, maybe its because we are and island?

actually I’ve noticed some marvellous “selection boxes” with all sorts of different mustards…
reminds me of the magical stuff French Gran used to bring to us kids in UK

but the big jars are almost non-existent…

… that has recently dismantled all its supply chain links with its nearest neighbours.


We haven’t noticed any shortages here in Brittany.

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Not seen any gaps on the shelves in the supermarkets in 47.

Not surprising that your grocer doesn’t have staples, try your stationers :rofl::rofl:


There are often more gaps than usual, but one just has to wait a week and whatever it is will be back. So there is some supply chain hiccuping going on.

Currently butter stocks seem very low. A favourite brand of smoked mackerel has vanished as has Tetley’s earl grey tea - but i think that probably the supermarket has decided not to stockit as no-one buys it apart from me :joy:

I’m not entirely surprised.


Some things (strangely, yoghurts) are becoming less available, but the selection is still very large. Bicester Tesco has all the meat, veg, bread, cheese, cereal, coffee/tea, fish etc that one might reasonably want. There’s lots of toilet rolls this time. Yes, some items are missing, but few, and not enough to be problematic.

You notice I always throw in a line just waiting for you to pass by.:relaxed:

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Thats not a problem as I make my own :wink:

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I have not noticed any shortages Cheddar /cottage cheese, Branston pickle , HP sauce, Jelly, Minced meat and great UK Christmas cheeses available in Super U …Fairy liquid smoked bacon in Spain no problem

I think that sometimes it is a shortage of packaging rather than a shortage of the actual product.
For several weeks it was only possible to buy Orangina Light in 1.5 litre bottles here in Vendee, but now it can once again be obtained in the 33cl cans. I suspect that it was more a shortage of cans than of the product itself.

Wyke Farm Cheddar has disappeared from Carrefour in Cluny and Cheddar from Super U.

I have been lucky, my neighbour found tarragon mustard for me in Dijon and I found 1 jar of the walnut in Gamme Vert in Cluny.7

Hmmmmm. Tasty :nauseated_face:


There was a report on supermarket shortages here in France on the news last week One of the biggest problems is distribution depots do not have the lorry drivers or can’t get contractors to do deliveries as there is a national driver shortage. My local Super U had no bicarbonate of soda last week but plenty of other items including cheddar marketed under the U brand but still tasty. As for mustard, plenty of that about but a lot of it coming from Czech. Again for mustard, the dry weather in Canada where they grow the grains and then ship them to France had a big effect but seems to be on the move again. Everyone blaming the Ukraine for shortages, I can’t see how that is true as they don’t produce everything we use. Distribution problems seem to be the cause.

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In recent weeks we have found shortages of:
Whiskas cat food
Nescafe Gold Instant coffee
Cranberry juice
Kitchen towels
Ginger biscuits
Grated cheddar cheese