Should she be allowed back?

(Graham Lees) #1

She shows no remorse.
I say tell her stew in her own juice.

(Paul Flinders) #2

Tricky - she does not seem to be showing great remorse for her actions, or the definite loss of life of one of the trio that went over. It seems mainly to be that she has realised infant mortality is rather high in war torn Syria (she has already lost two young children). Perhaps it has dawned on her that being an IS baby factory in an environment where it is quite likely offspring won’t see their 2nd birthday is not much fun - but it doesn’t look like her enlightenment goes beyond that.

I believe that the official position is that, as she has not been actively fighting the government are not seeking to remove her British citizenship, consequently if she can get herself here, or at least to the protection of a stable government they cannot refuse her entry - but they will not extract her from Syria.

It is likely that she would face criminal charges on arrival.

Normally I’d say that silly things done as a 15 year-old should not blight one’s life; in this case that seems a little less clear.

(Mat Davies) #3

I just hope the government doesn’t waste time on this distraction - there are far more important things to sort out right now.

(Jane Williamson) #4

The Minister concerned said that she would have to present herself at a Consulate to get assistance and he wasn’t about risking anyone’s life to save her.

(Paul Flinders) #5

Which seems to be as much help, probably more, as she merits.

(stella wood) #6

She seems keen to have her baby born safely… that is her aim. :thinking:

I would have thought there is a hospital nearer than the UK… :zipper_mouth_face:

(Paul Flinders) #7

I imagine that maternal mortality is pretty high during childbirth in refugee camps in Syria - she might be as worried for he own health as for the baby’s.

I suspect chances of a hospital birth where she is are the square root of very little.

(stella wood) #8

Mmm… I’ve read all the bumpf I can find… and it is the medical care she is after… :zipper_mouth_face: and there is surely a hospital nearer than the UK… just saying…

(Paul Flinders) #9

Exactly - little or no remorse or insight just self-interest.

(David Wren) #10

Auntie has already dug out an old school photo of her, the journey to redemption gathers pace.

(stella wood) #11

If she turned up on my doorstep, I would help her… no matter what…

but she must have other options at the moment… or maybe not… very difficult.

(Paul Flinders) #12

And if she turns up on the country’s doorstep it is clear she will get help.

It’s just that no-one is offering her a plane ticket (not that a commercial airline would take her this close to the due date, in fact even a ferry company would turn her down).

(Paul Flinders) #13

If she is in contact with/under the protection of a refugee agency I would hope that they can provide somewhere with more facilities than a ground-sheet and hot water; but it won’t be much more.

(Peter Jackson) #14

She gave up her right of protection from the UK when she left to join a terrorist organisation. She does not deserve the time spent.

(Paul Flinders) #15

Morally, yes but legally she enjoys that right of protection while she remains a British Subject (which she does, unless her citizenship is revoked).

(Simon Armstrong) #16

Bit early for an April fool isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Paul Flinders) #17

Hey Simon, I think you’ve got it!!

We’re going to wake up on the 1st of April to find the news story of the day is a massive “Fooled Ya!” from Cameron, May, Farage, JRM, Barnier, Tusk and Junker.

Oh, how we will laugh.

(anon53589976) #18

Tango Sierra (to the non military - Tough Shit). she left on her own accord then she can get back on her own accord. I have no time or sympathy for these scumbags. Whoever or wherever they are.

(Graham Lees) #19

Following on the sentiment expressed by @anon53589976, tell her to foxtrot oscar.

(Paul Flinders) #20

The knee-jerk reaction is easy, isn’t it?

She was, what, 15 when she went out there. Do we know whether she came to the conclusion that IS were on a divine mission herself or whether, as a very impressionable girl in her early teens she was persuaded by material on the net or perhaps by more radical older friends or siblings that the cause was righteous.

15 year olds are not known for their emotional maturity or ability to know when they are being “had”.

Whatever her crime she is, first and foremost, a human being - who has been married off as a baby factory, brainwashed (or deluded her self as a protection mechanism) into thinking it passes for normality - but really? Would you like to watch two of your kids die?

That said there shouldn’t be no consequences for her actions. The UK government’s total lack of inclination to extract her from the mess that she finds herself in is understandable - appropriate even and should she find herself back in the UK then a custodial sentence certainly seems justified.

Scumbags is certainly an epithet I’d use for those who lured her into all this - less sure she deserves it herself.