Signs of Spring

I don’t know if anyone has already posted about spring this year. I’ve not been on the site much.
I’m really enjoying seeing the gorse in bloom, and all the wildflowers along the church wall. It’s nice to have had sunshine as well, although the wind has been bitter. It’s so nice to be able to go out for walks and see the world coming to life.
The grass is growing, and so are the weeds. I hope to spend a lot of time in the garden this week.
What are your favourite signs of spring?

There are some nice photos in this thread

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Thanks. I love your marigolds photo.

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A perennial sign of Spring down here by the Med is a flock of cars and campervans with Paris number plates. In short, they’ve arrived.

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Oh yes, it’s bad enough in the north, I would hate to endure it in the south. I remember it described in ‘A year in Provence’


Apart from all the blooming going on around my natural garden and forest, the short warm spell recently which encouraged the daffs, then the cowslips and now the bluebells, today for the first time I shared my morning pond swim with baby newts. They were motionless just below the surface bathing in the warm sunshine.

Of course, unlike the 3 legged toad last year who allowed me close enough to gently stroke him(?) and then to accept my slowly raised hand from underneath to assist him away from the sheer smooth wall he was failing to climb, these disappeared from view as soon as I entered to join them.

Once out I looked again, and there they were. Two seemed to be saying to each other ‘what the bloody hell was that? :astonished:

The snakes too desert the area when I share it. It is so lonely being the King of the Pond. Even Mr.Toad disappeared after a couple of days, I do miss him. :cry:


How about one of these to keep you company.

Brave fellow. It is enjoyable sitting on our terrace with still a bit of snow left and more on the hills.
You do need a good fleece though, but the birdsong and the sun makes it really enjoyable.

Perishing cold wind, but there’s obviously enough warmth in the sun for this little chap…

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I would welcome one Sue, if it was a real one that I could hold a conversation with, and Jane, nothing brave about it, I am a sucker for the warm glow I get on emerging. Can’t resist, whatever the weather. Only high winds and lightning (both nonos in forests) or skin slicing ice on the surface, deter me. :smiley:

And I can still sit out in the sunshine and look down on the snowladen rooves of the neighbours afterwards. :wink:

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I have just put upnthis retractable windbreak bought from Lidl last year. It is 3m long and 1.5m high. Seems to work.

should make things more comfortable when you’re … à table…

A walk on the wild side :cowboy_hat_face:


This was the view over the Millevache this morning, nice and clear but bloody :cold_face:


Look at my pretty house. Zoom needed.


Time to sow and plant up the veg garden for the little fellow or shefellow.

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