Sky Cards EU

I have received an email from an organisation calling themselves Sky Cards EU and offering to supply new Digiboxes, a VPN router and etc.

Sounds good but anyone any experience of them? Are they real, a bunch of con artists, rip off merchants etc.

I would appreciate some feedback.



Sharon - all the details are on page 4 of this discussion. Although, if you're experiencing buffering I'd check your internet download speed before ordering as you'll need at least 3Mbps :

Hi Simon,

I'd love to know what the company is that supplies the tv stations as I only have an internet based android box which spends its time BUFFERING. That drives me crazy, so I would be vey interested in changing as I do not have the ground space to use the satelite dish required!! Many thanks, Sharon

I have stayed out of this discussion for obvious reasons.

However, the service suggested by Simon provides me with services I do not want and so far as I can tell does not provide me with what I do want. The difference in cost, that is clearly important for many, is for me at least irrelevant.

My experience of broadband where I live, is that when it works its great but from time to time it doesn't, some times for hours, some times for days.

As I am currently organised, without a phone line, I can use my mobile and go to the local bar to access the internet and still watch TV via my satellite link.

But in the scheme that is suggested, if I lose my phone line I have nothing and, almost irrespective of any other issue, that is why I would not chose such a solution.

Steve - with my supplier the top 18 UK channels are available on permanent rolling 14 day catch up. The Sky channels are not on catch up at the moment.

Is there a way of recording all this luverly jubbly cheap tv…as at the moment we have a sky plus box and heavily rely on the fact we can record and watch back at our convenience

You're welcome Steve - all I can say is it works just great for me. A friend who lives locally installed the same system ( about a year ago and is very happy with the service and her savings - she was paying Sky an unbelievable £85 pm with 'insurance??' for a full package. So that works out at approx 1425€ a year ! She now pays around 235€ / year - no brainer.

You just made a grumpy old mans pockets very happy…cheers…how do. I check my mbps download speed…

Steve - all the info is currently at the top of page 4

Hi Simon just sent you a friend request I have been paying sky through the nose for donkeys years so would be very interested in who you use please send on info …much appreciated in advance.

Done it and done it.

No other provider at all. The price of living in an obscure corner. Even then, who owns the cables? Stuffed or stuffed.

Complaining directly to Stéphane Richard, CEO of the Orange worldwide group by registered letters, tweets, emails and all but carrier pigeons gets plenty of feedback and things like the post to house cable replacement and the electrician's work paid for plus a whole quarter free of charge. But locally a lot of work dribbles down to people who are subcontractors who do not give a (row of obscenities) what the CEO of Orange says.

thanks Simon, good work, hope everyone with a decent internet speed finds it useful

x t

That's reassuring Simon.

I once managed to work out the plot of a John le Carré novel so there may be some hope !

I got some reaction via Twitter @orange_conseil Am not sure whether it was them or my neighbour's friend at FT that kicked them into action. On a +ve note, they are refunding 2 months worth of charges (80€)

Hi Mary! All the info for my IPTV provider is currently at the bottom of page 3 of this discussion. The box works anywhere in the world where you have a decent internet connection - including the UK - although they won't deliver to the UK. We simply take our box with us when we travel - really simple.

Brian - are there no other providers available for your address? Have you checked using ?

Peter - it's much easier than assembling IKEA units!!!

Great info, it more or less describes what our Zattoo set up should be like. However, the downside is of course line speeds. So, anybody (including Simon) who has any idea how to get Orange, hiding behind the moniker France Telecom when necessary, cannot provide the service their offer claims to do something about that? I say it with a bitter taste in my mouth given that Zattoo is owned by Orange Switzerland, which is part of Orange worldwide which is French. Thus they appear to have Zattoo here in France that offers so little that terrestrial TV remains a better choice, thus when the technician suggested we subscribe to that we could both have slapped his head because with snail's pace line speeds it would be no better. In fact, we would only be unable to get less, if that makes any kind of sense. We have 'knocked on the door' of Orange's CEO on behalf of one of my OH's clients, for ourselves and in well constructed collusion with a recent neighbour who basically works from home as a book dealer, therefore needs reliable and fast connections. Plus the fact he bought the who set up for TV reception and then found it is unreliable. We have been pampered by people lower down the food chain for the last few weeks, but to be realistic, we have had lots of soothing words and a number of things happen but what we actually want zilch. Any ideas, they may be as Machiavellian as you like, would be appreciated.

@Carol - which router ? why suspicious ?

Many thanks Simon.

Regards: Alan