Sleep and Ashwagandha

I am an insomniac and have been taking prescription drugs, (a variety of benzodiazepines) via my doctor, to help me sleep . I have swallowed a pill every night for the last 25 years. I fall asleep easily enough but wake up several times during the night - disturbed sleep - even with the meds. Am not affected during the day with sleepiness - I seem to thrive during the day.

I assume I am addicted to benzodiazepines, but a couple of years ago I reduced the amount gradually over a few weeks and stopped taking them completely without any withdrawal symptoms. But was soon back on them again as my sleep was still compromised.

I decided to see if Ashwagandha works - and it does. I took a 400mg capsule around 6.30 pm with my evening meal, went to bed at midnight as usual, and woke at 7.10 am the following morning! I had slept right through the night totally undisturbed and woke up feeling ‘happy’. For the last 3 days I have slept right through the night. Unheard of…!!! And it isn’t the placebo effect.

Therefor I am going to come off benzodiazepine again and supplement with Ashwagandha - in consultation with my doctor.

Does anyone have experience of such matters, and can CBD help with sleep? I have read that it can.


I see Healthspan have started providing this and I will try it.
Thank you.

Not heard of it - will go and do some research as hubby has terrible insomnia.

What does that mean? Who is Healthspan?

Here’s a website for info - Bienfaits de la racine d’Ashwagandha bio : notre avis

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About three years ago I went through a year’s worth of anxiety - it descended and I was caught in its bubble - couldn’t escape it. Finally conquered it but while doing so found that Ashwangandha really helped. It made me feel normal, so was confident that I could get back to normality, which I did, without meds or supplements.

Hope you find it works for you. Seems like good stuff!

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But not if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. And check with doctor re any other drugs you take in case contra-indications. Natural isn’t a synonym for safe…


They are a British, actually based in Guernsey, supplier of vitamins and supplements.
We use them and so does our dog, who is now so much better now that she takes turmeric for dogs.

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Hi Bruce,
I’m not able to answer your question but I’m very interested in your experience with ashwagandha. I am having a lot of trouble not only sleeping but also falling asleep since I’ve had Covid. If this works then it sounds like it could really help me. Thanks for sharing.

Have you tried melatonin? Excellent for getting to sleep, for some people.

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I haven’t but I’ll give it a go! Thanks @vero

I’ve tried it, as has DH, I feel it really does help with the falling asleep, not sure any help with the waking at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep!


I have melatonin every night and have done for about 5 years - I now no longer know whether I would sleep without it and don’t really want to find out.

Available from

I used to have sleep aid tablets but absolutely could not sleep without them so I stopped as it was close to an addiction. They also give you quite a hangover!

The other route to sleep I have found is a long run on the treadmill - which is also pretty good for you.

@DeTolkTW what happened with your getting Covid ( if you want to share).

How bad was it? do you have any idea how you caught it?

I couldn’t agree more with @toryroo 's thanks to you also.

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Hate to be the boring old bag here but since I went teetotal I have slept like a baby. If I drink anything at all now it screws with my sleep for about three days. Don’t you just love getting older ladies… :frowning:

(This probably works for men too but if they are not forced into giving up booze thanks to the mentalpause they may never be lucky enough to find out…)


@KarenLot I don’t mind sharing as long as no one finds it boring…mind you’ that might help a few people fall asleep :rofl:
I lost my sense of smell in December but as I had a bad case of sinusitis, I wasn’t worried about it being Covid. Mid January I woke up feeling ‘off’ so I got a test. It came back positive, even though I wasn’t feeling that bad, just not right.
Fast forward 3 days and I thought my head was going to explode, extremely tired and unable to concentrate on anything. That lasted for about a week and then I started to feel more human in the mornings but I slept the afternoons away.
I’ve actually suffered more since I’ve been ‘better’ to be honest. I got Covid tongue a few weeks ago. Quite a strange sensation when your tongue is too big for your mouth!
I was very tired for a long time. I had a shiatsu session which really helped but I definitely need to go back.
The Covid also kicked my Ménières off again so I was constantly dizzy and I didn’t dare ear candle as I was falling asleep at the drop of a hat.
I had a prior vitamin D deficiency that I was taking supplements for and I was pretty run down generally, which probably made me susceptible. I’m very rarely ill so it was a bit of a shock.
I was very lucky to have brilliant neighbours who walked my 3 dogs every day. Others went to fetch my pellets for the heating. Still others made me meals and cakes etc.
I suspect I caught it at work but I was the only one who tested positive and none of my private students or their families were positive either. I work with 20 people at the office.
I’ve learnt to live with the tiredness but Covid seems to have triggered other things that prevent me from sleeping properly.
I also had a lot of problems with my breathing. I live in a three storey house and going up the stairs, even just walking, was hard work. Even now, certain steep paths in my village are very hard to climb and I still can’t run up the stairs without puffing like a serial smoker.
My sense of smell still hasn’t settled. It comes and goes. I had a week where everything smelt rotten but thankfully that has now gone.

I’m already pretty much teetotal @cat :sob:

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Il n’y a pas de quoi :blush:

You can get it in the pharmacie and I believe they extract it from oats, so a bowl of porridge might also help. We are a family of insomniacs so I have tried most things.

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Oats are my go to when I don’t know what to cook for dinner…or can’t be arsed :rofl::pray:


Wow. thanks @DeTolkTW . Yes sounds like any existing vulnerabilities anyone has, get found out and taken advantage of by Covid. I hope that sunshine and getting out over the summer will help you out of the long covid after-effects.

Hearing your story I am going to try again this week to book a vaccination!

All the best.

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Thanks Karen