Small DIY repairs in bathroom of gite

Getting our gite ready for our first guests I’ve got a couple of small DIY “issues” and I’d welcome some advice please.
We’ve a leak under the basin and it’s where there’s a join that has got encrusted - see photo. Can I just scrape the messy bits off and use bath sealant to repair it?

The other issue may be more challenging. The mirror above the basin is part of a unit that includes lighting, so cannot be easily replaced. Unfortunately along the bottom edge of the mirror some of the silvering has gone and so the mirror looks a bit tatty. Is there anything I can do / use to smarten it up?

Thanks as always for any thoughts/suggestions.

For the under sink issue, replace it! The oval shaped thing (whose name escapes me) costs about 3 euros as if anything like ours just snaps into place.

I blame teenage girls and their hair for most of our under sink problems !

For the mirror, perhaps just stick on some attractive metal beading?


bottle trap? but what do I know, I’m a computer man :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would replace the trap, it looks like a little bit of pipe misalignment. Usually on the top of a trap would be another tightenable nut with a seal inside.thats what I would purchase, yours looks like a pushfit into am O ring type which if there is any misalignment would most likely give problems.

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Plenty to choose from starting a little over 2€

There is a type you can get that is flexible to allow for a bit of misalignment. It costs a bit more but not ridiculously more. I was looking at it online for sink and sure it exists for basins. I’ll post link or piccy if I can find it but really busy right now so might be a few days

Thanks guys, but your comments fill me with foreboding. I do not have the time/skills/tools to replace the trap.
At the moment I have a SMALL leak. I can see it becoming a LARGE leak if I try to do anything clever under pressure.
I have all next autumn/winter to do it properly (or get someone else to do so). For the moment, please I just need a bodge solution. Thanks

Thanks Jane. Interesting idea. Bathroom very modern though. I wonder about something slim/sleek/modern looking?

Seriously Sue, even I would do it. It’s a standard part available in bins in the brico. They screw/push fit. Keep some mastic handy if you want as a backup for when you’ve either cleaned or (less messy and may have better seals) replaced it. Photograph yours and ask the staff in brico to help you find the part. Make sure you say salle de bains as that and kitchen are different sizes.

I am also wondering if in fact the trap is full/blocked and that’s what’s caused the leak. I suspect you’ll end up having to unscrew it anyway. Get yourself a wide enough bucket or basin and have a go?

As Karen said, it’s not difficult. Give it a go - you may be surprised at how easy and obvious it is. Just be aware sometimes the joints can be a bit tight.

I have done it and I am completely unskilled. Have a bucket and a serpillière to hand and you will be fine, just take it to bits and put a new one on. Honestly it is easy :slightly_smiling_face:
Bodge solution really not worth it.


Found my notes. Look for siphon réglable eg part 500021 at Brico Depot. Pretty sure I saw at local Briconautes too. Castorama, Brico Marché may have, Leroy M (shut your eyes Jane) for sure has. Kitchen size is 40, bathroom basin size normally 32 I think. It’s worth getting the ones with seals in them.

PS the best siphon réglable I found - got 5 stars from plumbers and same for other items this brand - was Nicoll.

Vero’s right do you want to sort it now or on a Saturday night when a family have just arrived and called you because there’s water all over the floor.

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Take it apart, clean it all up (nothing abrasive) and put it back and see what happens. Don’t use any sealant !
Easy job, honestly…

Usually yes but no top nut means its a nasty one so get rid.

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For some reason I had in my head that you lived in full-blown Roccoco :joy:

Seriously my OH (who is a philosopher not a DIY-er) managed it. They are designed to be simple push-fit replaceable things.


Wirquin SP3158 Sink Siphon

Seeing just where the leak is… I think it might be an idea to disconnect at both ends… where there are the large white screw-on bits.
Take a look inside the bottom piece… 'cos I can’t see why it would leak “upwards” if the water is running away “downwards” and I know the top bit fits into the bottom bit, so water should keep on going down and out… unless there’s a blockage which forces water upwards like that…

You can do it Sue… I can do it… been there, done that… but don’t want to do it again as I put my back out getting at it… :roll_eyes: OH is in charge of plumbing nowadays.

Nuts :grinning:

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I couldn’t think of the word… I find my brain is in another land some of the time and certainly speaks a different language…

EDIT: Yes, both you gents can have A+ on your end of term report…

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Screw collars. :wink: