Smooth hummus

I used his method. 30 mins in the (Instant Pot) pressure cooker for the pois chiches. I could have strained them better, but still it was very creamy and smooth.

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When we lived in Dubai every now and then we used to get a “dressed chicken” take away from the Food and Drink restaurant in Jumeirah, just down the road from us. It was a very basic resto, sort of a greasy spoon Dubai style, but the local Emirati would queue outside in their Landcruisers for the “dressed chicken”. That’s how we noticed it. A dressed chicken was a roast chicken with the Food and Drink’s own hummus and tabouli and lashings (as Bunter would say) of fresh hot pitta bread.

Unfortunately tabouli is a dish that is open to many interpretations and I have never tasted one as good in a resto since.


Outside the Levant it’s rare for tabouleh to contain enough green stuff. I use a mix of flat leaf parsley and coriander in a 8:1 ratio. Add as much of the mix as you think is reasonable, then add about 3 times as much again!


Hummus = baby puk :nauseated_face::laughing:

I’ll try that :slightly_smiling_face:

That was always my mistake: too little greenery.

Made hummus, falafel and taboulé yesterday. My secret to hummus is a lot quicker and easier than yours - use a can so you have the aquafaba. Blending for 5 times longer that seems necessary not only deals with the skins but also gives it a very light creamy texture as it whips the aquafaba. It’s something we do a lot for a quick meal, so not messing about with a pressure cooker even if I had one, which I don’t.

(We ate all the taboulé :slightly_smiling_face:)


I always add a lot of mint but can’t stand coriander so don’t use that.
Izzy x

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So interesting that there is a real adverse reaction by some people to coriander, They have a completely different taste experience. We have a friend who is the same - we, on the other hand, love it. Delighted to say just found a large clump of it growing in our very weedy veg patch.


It’s a genetic thing. Current research suggests that there are two genes linked with the way the taste of coriander is interpreted.


I never knew that. Mrs P hates the stuff, whereas I like it.

Here’s an article from Biomed Central giving some background n case you’d like to know more.


I can taste even the smallest amount in a dish. Vile stuff. It’s got the taste of fragranced soap!


Nonononono it tastes of heavenly deliciousness :wink:


Every time I see this in the forum I first read it as ‘smooth humans’ and have to read it again. :smile:

I spell it houmous, which may be why I misread it.

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If I were served Hummus swimming in oil. I’d send it back, it’s meant to have a drizzle of olive oil

And a light dusting of sumat.

Depends where you, and it, are from. Liban, Egypt or Greece. And where it’s served. Can have extra toasted chick peas, sumac, chilli oil - just about anything especially if you are called Ottolenghi. It’s not a single origin dish/recipe,


And why is it meant to be so smooth?
Hummus is as old as the Ark if not older,
I wonder which brand of food processor they used then … lol