So what classic car would you love to own and drive in France?

Its all doom and gloom in the world at the moment so lets start a happy thread.

Owning a classic car is becoming increasingly trendy in France ‘youngtimers’ !!!. Loads around where i live.

I have my beloved Saab 900 classic but I would love to own a Lancia Integrale. (I think I have something in common with a member on here !!)

So what classic car would you love to own and drive in France ?


Ferrari Dino for me!

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A couple I photographed on June 3rd at Le Vigeant, James.

Mind you if I chose a Ferrari it would have to be an F40,

I had a Saab 900S in the mid 1990s, it had something in common with the F40, it was red.

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Plenty of F40’s about in Paris.

They are not as good looking as this…

or this…


I agree that the Lancia looks pretty good,

much nicer than the one I saw in Angouleme a few weeks ago.
My father bought a Saab 99EMS soon after I passed my driving test. It was very fast but had some rather strange habits.

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I would buy this…

Or this

You need 30k for a Lancia.

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They both look tempting!

I loved this car since the day it was launched and I still do.


Saab 96v4. My first experience of France was the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally - upside down on the top of the Col de Turini. We’d done the Concentration Run from Glasgow in a works car. Great machines but on rallies you’d to keep the loud pedal down all the time.
Alternatively- or as well as - a Traction Avant

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My brother had one of the last 3L versions. He lived in Edinburgh and said it was so thirsty he could see the fuel gauge visibly dropping during the 3 ml drive to work!
He eventually- and reluctantly- sold it after it was stolen three times, and on the final occasion police arrived on the scene as some yob was about to torch it.

My neighbour had one when I was in my teens and I got stranded one time in Hertfordshire, (we lived in West London), so rang him to see if he would pick me up. He didn’t. His daughter wouldn’t go out with me either but that’s another story! :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to buying and restoring an Austin Healey 3000 when I retire to our house in the Chartreuse

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Already got mine, thanks! :grinning:


I have only seen one Capri in France in over 20 years. It seems the French did not do the Capri.

Quite fancy one of these…


I already have mine - a 2CV, a '66 Mustang convertible and a TVR Griffith.
Edited to add photos:


Not necessarily a classic but this is my dream…


Jaguar XK150 - my dream car.


I had an MX-5 until a couple of years ago - I loved it and wished I had never sold it. I am tempted to get another one when we live in France full time.

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Where would you put your skis :grinning:

You can fit a ski rack on the boot.