So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

Is Trump the man to bring America back to greatness?
Was Abarma not special?

Are all these stories about Trump just lies?

How did he really get to that high spot?

Why does his wife look so miserable?

His cronies are going to jail.
His personal lawyer is testifying to the Mueller enquiry.
He is in the food chain and is going to have to take the consequences.
Would you want that hairdo on the next pillow to you?

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I feel sick just thinking about him.
He seems blatently a “show piece”
But have I got it wrong is he innocent?
I have been told that by an ex friend that he is a great man and
will be re elected.He is rich and has a beautiful wife!
Are so many Americans blinded by this blonde?
Or have I been fed with lies?

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I think you have got it in one when you say ex friend.

He is a crook and he is about to be revealed to the world and all his voters as one.

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Just amazing ‘it’s’ not in jail, all this must provoke the end for Trump, but sadly, the whole Political System, it seems, is increasingly rotten, not just in The USA!

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“Though the mills of God grind slowly; yet they grind exceeding small.
Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.”

(Henry Longfellow)

On the other hand, many people are getting heartily sick of the unfascinating legal process, I think. At least I am.

The mid-term US election will give some indication of how the Mueller inquiry has swung opinion. I guess the debate on that will be just as untransfixing. Roll on Brexit! :relaxed:

I wonder if her very tight-fitting leggings are giving her grief, impairing the circulation to her dependent parts.

Perhaps, as a gentleman of advancing years, it would have been better to avert my gaze or, at least, not to have commented.

There is no need for anyone to agree. I am already mortified! :weary:

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that was a rhetorical question!
Being with him must be painful!

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As an old hand at enterprise development, one of the things that annoys me particularly is the propagation of the reality TV myth that Trump has been successful in business. A friend of mine worked out that if he had done nothing with his inheritance - just collected the rents etc - he would have been wealthier than he is now… and as for The Art of the Deal - both his co-writer and the publisher have admitted that Trump had literally no input into its writing!

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I never have the facts…rarely do have the facts but this comes as no surprise.
To me he never had the makings of a president. Money and a beautiful wife only inspires
empty headed people to become part of his fan club?

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Sad example of ‘democracy’ in action :unamused:

Here is a copy of a hard hitting speech given by Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is one of the few who makes the current administration incredibly nervous. Makes very interesting reading.

Did anyone ever get too see Mr Trump’s Tax Returns…I remember a lot of noise… but don’t remember any details coming to light

He never submitted them

Ah… thought that must be it… I suppose other matters diverted the US attention away from that… :unamused: there have been so many “other matters” :zipper_mouth_face:

Seems ‘it’ is sinking in “The Swamp”, with his ex lawyer helping push ‘It’ under :+1:

I hate the way he treats women…….a commodity!

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you deserve what you vote for !

‘It’ is certainly diminishing the 'Image of and Respect for, the USA, in the eyes of the rest of the World!