So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

‘Nutt’ specialist. :rofl:

Now if we try to avoid the “politically correctness”, let’s take a moment to see that finally he is not so bad :

  • Contrary to Hillary Clinton, he wasn’t for bombing Iran. She was
  • The unemployment rate is now the lowest in the USA since the last 30 years (at what price this is another question ?)
  • He seems to be the first american president who talks to Putin without mocking him from his pedestal like all the usual american presidents
  • The american economy is statistically going better and better. So the Wall Street connexion was finally wrong about him. Now if we try to know if this is benefiting to middle-classes, I think the answer will be no
  • He is fighting to preserve employement on the american soil, who can blame him for that ? Even it is maladroit ?

Now, I don’t particularly appreciate him, nor don’t I hate him. I just try to stay factual.

To me, the biggest challenges will be gun control (really sensitive topic for americans), the healthcare, and find real solutions to the increasing poverty (70 millions of americans are living in poverty)

Now with women and immigrants…well…that’s another story


Trump has no loyalty to anyone. He is amoral, and has been proved to discard former favourites like soiled underwear. I doubt he has any feelings for his wife and child, and his fondness for Ivanka seems perverted.

I doubt he would give the pickings of his nose to a single individual who gave him their vote. I see him as a dangerous demagogue as cruel and callous as the psychopathic Roman Emperor Caligula, who had his mother murdered. When the assassin approached her, she called on him to pierce her womb with his sword, from whence her evil son had emerged into the world.

I think Robert Mueller has the measure of Trump and has him surrounded and his foundations fatally undermined. Trump’s clique are like rabbits in the headlamps. People like Bolton and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley are beyond redemption, but they will both be repudiated by Trump in their turn, turn against him vengefully and viciously, and blame him for their own stupidity.

I hope it may not be long now that his fate catches up with him. I pity his youngest son.


The choice US voters faced in 2016 was Crooked Hillary or Dodgy Donald and due to the crazy electoral rules Donald won by getting three million less votes.

Blame the system not the result!


I just think, in the long term, ‘it’s’ just a nasty, obnoxious piece of work, who is not making the US any friends, Globally.
Putin is too busy laughing at ‘it’, (American President :cry:).
Not a nice person, deserving of Any respect.
Come back Barack! :hugs:


Very well put Pete, Bravo!!!

You are a very positive fellow, Bill. I’m well chuffed and honoured to have made your acquaintance, and that of your lovely OH too.

Hope we shall make our way one day to your corner of Breizh and meet you both. Our car was first registered in Breizh, and bears the banner proudly on its bumper. I sometimes feel a westward tug on the steering wheel, like a dog on a lead pulling for home… :dog2::house_with_garden::grin:


There’s a curious phenomena going on in the US at the minute in the form of ‘Q’…don’t know if anyone else has come across it…??? (I’m not convinced for a number of reasons which I’ll not voice here as they have to do with my feelings about Gaza…)

Anyway…link here… any thoughts on this…???

Im American and im telling ya…our presidents suck! They dont truly care about the people…one of the biggest reasons i left America

I wouldn’t say all of them myself Meghann, but no problem going along with your description, re this one :rofl:

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Unless he’s committed a crime does it matter?

I agree with Bill. In my lifetime I’ve admired three US Presidents, in descending order, and for different reasons:

Jimmy Carter
Barack Obama
Lyndon Baines Johnson

I also respect the US presidential system and the people of the United States in all their magnificent diversity, including you two, and “Soyez les bienvenus en France !”

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Kennedy held his nerve over Cuba, I was a kid, but I remember Dad being concerned at the time.

Yes it does matter!

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Barbara, please explain how DT’s behaviour etc has affected your day to day life.

He has not! But he does not behave rationally, responsibly or in the manner which is expected of someone of great importance in the world. He should be honourable!
Some people have odd ideas and the see a man with money and a beautiful wife and they judge him on that image.
I am not alone with my thoughts!
Almost every one I know thinks in the same way.
So why are you asking me this?


Barbara, I agree with your outrage.

I recognise in myself some of the traits of self-importance, dishonesty, manipulativeness and inconsistency shown by DT. I have perhaps a small degree, a sliver of self-awareness, and am sometimes open to the critical comments of concerned others, including some here, and capable of self-correction, supported by their/your kindness, humour and unselfishness.

I think Trump is blind to his failings, indeed he thinks he is god-like in every way, and untouchable.

The idea if my having even an atom of the power of DT over the lives of others is horrific. I would prefer to be locked away, or executed, rather than that should happen.

Belive me, Barbara. Believe me Timothy. Maybe you won’t.

But if this testimony carries any weight with any of you out there, it will have been worth it. My own reputation means nothing in this matter of a threat to world peace and possible mass extinction of life on earth at the whim of this dangerous demagogue and tyrant.

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Suppose that I was gentle with my expressions.
And some one so unpleasant is a threat to the world…not just little old me!
Time for a Tim dig at Barbara…not working very well.

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Now then Barbara… let poor old Tim alone… :relaxed::relaxed: he’s not got time to go digging… :wink::wink::wink:

Here, we are celebrating the arrival of some rain… so feeling good…

How are things down amongst the vines? … you live in such a lovely area… hope all is well… :relaxed::relaxed:

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