So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Ken Wheatley) #182

Having a poke! It is an observation; not a ‘poke’. I genuinely believe that the vast majority of people fail to be objective. Believe me If I want to attack you or insult I would do so. I am definitely no shrinking violet!
I don’t know who complained about my post and neither do I particularly care. I still think it was a fair comment I made given the sly way I was attacked. Her post was seeking to gain support for her dislike of me and someone fell for it. if people want to contest what I say then do so to my face, not behind my back!
You obviously felt, in some way, that I had been slighted and you said so to James. That I was immediately reinstated Indicated to me that my comment was not insulting but just. There are several people on this site who make the most outrageous comments without, as far as I can see, any sanction. For example take the latest post of Peter Goble concerning me. Again it is a sly and nasty comment from someone who hadn’t the courage to say it to my face in the hope of recruiting support for himself. Unfortunately there are some who fall for such deviousness.

No Mr. Flinders, I’m not having a ‘poke’ If I have something to say to you I will say it to you direct, not through some intermediary.
As regards the ‘objective’ remark. I do believe you are not being objective with regards Trump. I fail to see how that can be construed as being offensive!

You finish with an insult, an unnecessary insult. If you feel that you were wrong to support me then perhaps you should write to James again and ask for some sort of retrospective punishment!

(James Higginson) #183

For clarification, I did not re-instate your account. You signed up again and I chose not to re-ban you in the hope that you would settle in and stop pissing people off.

(Paul Flinders) #184

It was not offensive, but it was irritating as, once again, you respond to any comment not aligned with your view or containing evidence to refute your point of view with a personal comment (my lack of objectivity in this case) as your sole counter argument.

(Ken Wheatley) #185

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

(Ann Coe) #186

Quite frankly we shall all be glad to see the back of you !

(Ken Wheatley) #187

So making a remark like feeling someone isn’t being objective is irritating? I can understand sensitivity but I think the word is perfectly acceptable in a discussion. You disagree. So be it.

(Timothy Cole) #188

As an outsider it is very difficult to be ‘objective’ about DT. I know millions of Americans support him but there are many millions more who don’t and his election has divided the country.

It would be good if a couple of our American members would share their thoughts on Trump and what he’s done or hasn’t done to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

(Ken Wheatley) #189

No doubt. You are obviously speaking for others or is the ‘we’ some sort of Freudian slip?

(stella wood) #190

(Catharine Higginson) #192

Peter - dinner party etiquette please and no ad hominem comments please :slight_smile:

(Ken Wheatley) #193

I did see it before it was deleted. Perhaps there is some justice after all! No, I wouldn’t flag it. I leave that to others with a lesser moral compass.

(Nellie Moss ) #194

It’s not deleted it is still readable until tomorrow Just hit the orange pen symbol top right.

(Mark Robbins) #195

I’ve learnt something new today, ta Nellie

(stella wood) #196

@Chocolat1 (Ken) … Flagging is part of the Forum and is a way in which folk can highlight a post they feel breaches Forum Guidelines…

@Peter_Goble 's post was not flagged, he withdrew it himself… and all power to him for being so restrained.

I wonder if your words, which I quote below, simply show that you have either not read the Guidelines or have failed to understand them.

(Torre Thompson ) #197

The truth is true if its is true to you. People have had enough of main stream politics, what was the alternative to Trump? Hilary Clinton! Trump maybe awful but at least he more often than not does what he said he was going to do. If he not doing a good job he will get voted out.

(Véronique Langlands) #198

“The truth is true if its is true to you.”

Very solipsistic but not actually the case, sorry.

(Paul Flinders) #199

Hmmm, before we get dragged down the philosophical rabbit-hole of whether absolute truth exists - what, then, is a lie which you believe. Is it the truth because you believe it? Or does it remain a lie?

(Torre Thompson ) #200

Whether truth or lie Most People will blindly believe what they agree with what ever politics you follow left or right. When it comes to politics most of it is lies. Whats the saying " believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see"

(Peter Goble) #201

Maybe Torre you hang out with “most people” who are as gullible and/or as thick as you describe. Ever thought of giving yourself a break and seeking out people who aren’t? Like the many subscribers to SFN for instance?

You seem to have a keen nose for the truth. So, if most politicians tell lies, can you give us your list of those that tell the truth? Don’t keep us waiting too long, the suspense is hard to bear. Honestly! :bear::grinning:

(Torre Thompson ) #202

Evening Peter, gullible? thick? i have not used these words to describe anyone. Sorry never met any politicians so will struggle to give you a list of honest ones. maybe a good way to judge a politicians honesty is checking there expenses. Its down the the voters on election day what politician they believe in as politicians are very good at promising the world then very rarely deliver.