So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Timothy Cole) #203

I therefore presume Torre that in June 2016 you believed Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage?:wink:

(Torre Thompson ) #204

Evening Timothy, if you use my analogy of expenses = honesty Boris Johnson claimed £9586 2016/17 so almost at the bottom of expenses chart. The top 10 worst for expenses 2016/17 are all remainers !! As for Nigel Farage he is not an MP but using my analogy he could be described as not honest. I though this thread was about Trump? I was enjoying not discussing Brexit.

Please take expenses = honesty with slight pinch of salt. There has to be honest MP’s with high expenses and vice versa

(Peter Goble) #205

Evening Torre! No, you"re right it was me who used gullible and thick to describe who believe everything they’re told and those are perjorative words, at least “thick” is perjorative, gullible perhaps less so. You were right to point that out.

I’m not so sure about your “most people” (or to quote you correctly “Most People”) attribution. There seems to be growing evidence from polls that a majority are mistrustful of polticians, who are believed to be unworthy of the trust of “ordinary folk”, and out of touch with their concerns. So it seems that, actually, most people are more sceptical than gullible these days. It’s quite clear, I think, that young people are very questioning and well-informed on local and world affairs, and more likely to be policicall active than their parents.

This may account for the increasing numbers of people who support Labour party policies that seem to address those concerns: on secure, affordable social housing, public ownership of the railways and utilities like water supply. You know the story, no doubt.

They may, of course, be lying about these policies, but I’m prepared to give them a chance. I’ve experienced Labour Governments since 1945, and they have a good record of major welfare and educational reform, and economic management that matches the Tories, who claim to be better, but aren’t IMO.

Nice to discuss these things with you, and thanks for being civil and good-natured in your comments. :+1::blush:

(Jane Williamson) #206

With regard to economic management, how about the minister who left the note saying on his desk that all the money was gone.

(Mark Robbins) #207

An honest politician , maybe…

(Torre Thompson ) #208

Evening Peter, during the Blair- Brown government they built a measly 7870 local authority homes, during Thatchers government they built 41434. How will Corbyn build any more? they all lie to get into power and then shrug there shoulders when they get the power. That is why people like Trump are getting into power, people are tired of career politicians.

I love discussions being civil and good-natured its how people should be even if they disagree.:+1:

(Peter Goble) #209

It was a crass statement, Jane and as far as I recollect, followed a Treasury tradition of leaving a cheeky-chappy message for the new incumbent. As you regularly point out, and with justification, this is the kind of high-jinks that characterises many aspects of the behaviour of men in positions of power.

I don’t think New Labour’s management of the economy was anything to crow about, and it didn’t meet with my personal approval. But the Tories were wrong to blame Labour for the catastrophic crash of the world economy, and I don’t think anyone blames the Labour party for that. Do you?

(Timothy Cole) #210

Trump got in due to a) the dislike of his opponent and b) the crazy electoral system where you can get millions of votes less than your opponent and still win.

(Jane Williamson) #211

No, not really.

(Ken Wheatley) #212

Am I to say what a noble chap he is? He shouldn’t have said it in the first place. I stick with what I said. I wouldn’t flag anyone. I would much rather others see people as they are.

(Maxime Sorin) #213

People say Donald Trump is rude, arrogant, that he only date models and hot women, and that he absolutely doesn’t care about what people think about him.

Donald Trump is french.

Yo bro’ !