So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(David Martin) #142

You know that the majority of Americans know which way they will be voting before any candidates are even announced.

(Barbara Deane) #143

So David what does that say about America? Americans?

(David Martin) #144

Is it any different in the UK, most people vote either Conservative or Labour and it takes something significant to get them to break those traditional beliefs.

(Barbara Deane) #145

True. Shows you how few people think for themselves.

(Chris Franklyn) #146

Thats what I thought, but they thought only for themselves. The lies continued even though I knew the truth.

(Paul Flinders) #147

I was going to say much the same only a small number of voters “float” - it’s why the parties expend so much energy on wooing them.

(Peter Goble) #148

Unfortunately, Barbara, the opposite is more likely to be true. We do think for ourselves, then- perhaps as often as not - form an opinion, seek out and approve opinions that reflect and strengthen our own, and reject out of hand any view that conflicts with them.

It’s called confirmation bias, and even I am afflicted, though I do try to overcome the handicap :thinking::roll_eyes::unamused:. There are others on SFN who set a good example to us in that respect, but they shall be nameless. :sunglasses::+1::clap:

(Nellie Moss ) #149

Both my parents changed their voting allegiances in their lives ( for a short time they coincided) I went to a local council election and voted for candidates from two different parties as I wanted the best for the community

(David Martin) #150

My father was a tactical voter. His life beliefs more than his political beliefs were very much inclined to socialism but in our area the Labour Party was a non starter. He voted for our popular local Liberal candidates to keep the Tories out. Strangely the Labour Party did later gain a bit more support after hordes of trendy Blair supporting ‘yuppies’ moved out of London into the South West.

(Helen Wright) #151

Well who can forget Hilary C cackling like a deranged psychopath on national tv…”we came we saw he died…”

Until a purported “leader” of any country is prepared to stand up and call out the very existence of The Gaza Strip as a war crime under article 33 of the 4th Geneva convention…then they’d not be getting my vote…x :slight_smile:

(damian john ) #152

Let us just see what happens in the mid-terms although I imagine it is fairly predictable. 100% galvanization.

(Ken Wheatley) #153

Not to mention striking a new deal with Canada and Mexico, a fairer deal for the U.S.A. He is also taking on Europe and China to get a fairer deal for the USA. Immigration is a huge concern for the whole world and he is doing something about it, unlike Europe. These and other key points were in his election manifesto. People here are very good at insults and snide remarks about Trump but very few comment about what he is actually achieving via his manifesto.

(Timothy Cole) #154

It’s not so much what he does but how he goes about it.

(Jane Williamson) #155

Well the south west, especially Somerset, is now alt right supporting.

(Jane Williamson) #156

It’s not only Trump, a Republican candidate in the mid-terms has just withdrawn remarks he made about stamping over his opponents face with golf spikes and utterly crushing him.
Nice man!

(Ken Wheatley) #157

I believe it is because he is (relatively) honest in what he says. Politicians, generally I find, don’t ‘talk’ straight and honest. Because he is so unconventional and says things that resonates with the ordinary person on issues that concern them he has to sound like ‘one of us’ and we find that disconcerting. We have become used to duplicity in politicians I think.

As you may have gathered, I like what he is doing and would vote for him given the chance. As a person I’m not particularly keen on him but that is of no consequence. His personal life, probably like all of us, doesn’t stand up to too close a scrutiny.

(Guy Marshall) #158

Honest as the day is long…

(Véronique Langlands) #159

Each to each. I think he is a profiteer, a crook and a fraud, that his administration is having a lastingly deleterious effect on human rights and civil liberty and that the upswing in the American economy isn’t going to bring real prosperity to the impecunious masses who voted for him but only to his cronies. I loathe cronyism and it seems to be his modus operandi. The US is becoming a society where equality is diminishing steadily, this applies to the UK as well of course and to a lesser extent in most developed countries.
From having seen enough of them at first hand, I have always thought that inequality on that scale was the hallmark of corrupt tinpot republics and unfortunately that is where they (we) are heading.

(Ken Wheatley) #160

Rather a shame that you start with ‘I think’ and then go on as if your observations were fact! As you have said “each to each”.

(Ken Wheatley) #161

Much rather have your thoughts than someone !